Oregon Shooting: One More Tragedy from Modern Liberalism

shoot_violence_crimePresident Obama wasted no time in making the Oregon school shooting about gun control. No big surprise there, and we can expect (again) an onslaught of the usual hyperbole from the anti-gun zealots and their willing fellow travelers in the media.

What we will not hear, however, is any mention of the culpability of both the liberals and the media (but I repeat myself) in these gun-related incidents. That’s right: the anti-God left in this country, and the media that almost universally shares that leftist, statist mentality, are responsible for the decades-long campaign to rid this nation of Christianity, God and the Bible. Not religion, in general, but Christianity specifically.

From Madalyn Murray Ohair’s campaign against the Bible in schools to the liberals’ efforts to remove the Ten Commandments from courthouses to the banning of the mention of the word ‘God’ in schools, military bases and public buildings, the Left has largely succeeded in removing the moral and behaviorial compass that guided generations of Americans from our very founding. Whatever your thoughts about Christianity, honesty compels you to acknowledge that such violent events were exceedingly rare prior to the 1960s, and they seem to be more and more frequent in today’s America.

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So while the liberals congratulate themselves in removing that “hateful” and “discriminatory” Christianity as a major influence on Americans’ behavior, they’re too intellectually dishonest to admit that those efforts are the true cause of any increasing violent behavior in our society. By denigrating and demeaning God’s admonitions and Christ’s teachings about how humans are supposed to treat other humans, they have largely succeeded in removing what once was the primary influence about right and wrong, good and bad. And with what have they replaced that influence?

Nothing but “self,” man’s natural tendency to do “what seems right in his own eyes,” what seems expedient at the moment, what expresses his frustration and anger, or his pleasure.

Of course the liberals know that without the internal restraints that humans place on themselves because of the teachings of Christianity, they’ll resort to all manner of behavior that is anti-social, including violence. Absent the restraining influence of Christianity, then, what is to “save us” from such violence? Why, the liberals’ prescription for everything: more government. And Obama’s immediate, knee-jerk response, and the on-going assault against the Second Amendment, is a threatening precursor to the increase in government control over humans in order to “keep us safe.” If you think the government is interested in keeping you safe and protecting your rights and freedoms, please talk to an American Indian (if you can find one).

For liberals, the more of these shootings the better, for it just provides more ammunition (no pun intended) for their anti-gun, pro-government agenda. But they never explain that if we can’t trust citizens to own guns, how can we trust some select citizens to govern, to rule over all the rest of us? Christians and others acknowledge that man tends towards Self and evil, which is why we so value that Bible that we “cling to” (in Obama’s words), because it teaches us that we have no right to inflict harm on other humans, no matter how angry, frustrated or put-upon we become. But when the Bible and God are made a laughing stock, there is nothing to provide the internal restraint that the Christian faith provides, and men are left to act on their outrage, anger and fantasies.

The Bible says, “Thou shalt not murder” (no, it’s not “kill”), and gives authority only to lawful government to kill violent criminals in order to protect the innocent. But government (i.e., the police) cannot be everywhere at once, so protecting our own lives and those of our loved ones falls to each individual. But liberals would not only remove the internal behavioral restraints of the Bible, but also the weapons that law-abiding individuals can use against the lawless, the thugs and others who would use violence against us.

The Bible, just like the Constitution, is not a suicide pact. Jesus never taught that we should suffer murder (“turn the other cheek”) at the hands of criminals or others who would violently attack us. It is our duty to preserve our lives and those of our loved ones; it is the primary duty of government to do that same thing. Yet the government has, over the past forty years, increasingly not done so, and continually tries to also remove the means by which we can protect ourselves.

Yes, we’ll again be subjected to the usual anti-gun zealotry in the coming weeks, and the phony outrage will be on wide display. But we will not, even once, hear from the media or anyone on the Left that the void created by the disparagement of Christianity is the real source of these shootings, the real “cause” of these deaths. Because that would require some honest introspection from them about their beliefs, and that’s the one thing that modern liberalism cannot abide.

Modern liberals supposedly “care” more than others (about the planet, animals, the poor, etc.). But even when confronted with evidence that their “caring” results in harm, they cannot honestly re-assess their beliefs, because their social and political beliefs aren’t really about results. Their beliefs are about making them “feel” superior, more intelligent, more caring, more noble. And they’ll gladly see our rights and freedoms sacrificed, and even innocent people die as they did in Oregon, rather than face that truth. Nothing else explains the utter and comprehensive devastation of the American social and political fabric that has resulted from liberal policies.

They’ll hold to those beliefs to the end, else they have nothing to hold to. If people have to die, even if this nation has to fall, then so be it…that is the real legacy of modern liberalism.

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