One Screwed up Jenner-ation

Bruce_Jenner_WheatiesIf I see that creepy Vanity Fair cover of Bruce Jenner come across my Facebook feed just one more time, I’m going to gouge out my eyeballs and bleach the sockets.

Ladies, please, if you ever again struggle with body image, just know that those stupid chick magazines you thumb through every day while nibbling arugula and baby carrots like some bulimic bunny, can, through the simple magic of $200,000 in plastic surgery and enough airbrushing to power a windmill farm, make a 65-year-old mentally ill man look, sort of, like a 35-year-old country club ninny. Brucie baby ain’t got nothin’ on you, sweetheart, I promise. It’s all fake as the rubber grapes on grandma’s centerpiece. You are you, he is he, and the cover models on your silly mags don’t look a stitch like that.

So, since it’s apparently a slow news day when the Islamic State announces its intention to slip nukes across Obama’s wide-open southern borders, and since America is singularly focused on one man’s sorry stab at genital alchemy, I thought I’d add some more bub to the hubbub.

First, some basic housekeeping – the obvious. Bruce Jenner remains a man in every cell of his body and every corner of his soul. It’s simple third-grade biology. “Caitlyn Jenner” is a figment of his imagination. “She” is every bit the lady that Johnny Depp is the pirate. Everyone tethered to reality knows this.

Still, in today’s America, it’s “The Emperor’s New Clothes” meets George Orwell. We must all pretend that a man in a dress who has some surgical work is magically a woman – a courageous “hero,” no less – or face the wrath of the “progressive” power set.

“It takes courage to share your story,” tweeted our social-engineer-in-chief after “Caitlyn’s” big reveal, while actual American hero Chris Kyle’s widowed bride is still waiting for some Twitter love from the sleazy Preezy of the United Steezy.

Bruce Jenner is worthy of pity and prayer, not adulation. Yet in a world that calls evil good and good evil, it is adulation he gets. It’s not my intention to single out Jenner – he’s done a capital job of that on his own – or to pick on him in the least. In fact, back in February I penned a heartfelt appeal to Bruce. He emailed me afterward (Bruce, my offer remains open).

Bruce Jenner is a big boy. He’s a former college football player and a Gold Medal Olympian. But the fact remains; he’s also a deeply disturbed man, both mentally, spiritually and, if he follows this self-destructive primrose path to its bitter end, physically.

Even so, the greater problem is that, beyond all this, Bruce, who, for some inexplicable reason, has achieved a position of profound influence in our culture, will, no doubt, take a multitude of equally disturbed folks down with him. The public train wreck that is his life represents a microcosm of everything wrong with America.

So where’s it all leading?

To chaos.

Which is exactly where those in rebellion against God want it to lead.

Most people don’t realize that, in addition to the sin of homosexuality, the Bible actually addresses transgenderism. Yes, the “T” in “LGBT” represents sexual immorality right along with the rest of their deviant alphabet soup: “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this” (Deuteronomy 22:5).

Christ himself was unequivocal on the biological fact that there are two sexes, “genders” if you will, and two alone: “He answered, ‘Have you not read that he who created them from the beginning made them male and female …’” (Matthew 19:4).

But for those who, at their own peril, view all this as just so much Bible thumping and prefer to imagine some false dichotomy between science and Christianity, let’s talk science.

Johns Hopkins Hospital was the pioneer in “gender reassignment surgery.” It now refuses to perform the procedures. Dr. Paul R. McHugh, the hospital’s former psychiatrist-in-chief and current distinguished service professor of psychiatry, has noted that, as even the left-leaning APA reluctantly acknowledges, transgenderism is a “mental disorder.” The idea of a “sex change” is “biologically impossible,” he observes.

There is a reason that, according to the latest peer-reviewed studies, so-called “transgender” people, after “sex reassignment” surgery, commit suicide at a rate 20 times higher than normal and, despite “progressive” rationalizations to the contrary, imaginary “transphobia” ain’t it.

Dr. McHugh has further noted that studies from Vanderbilt University and London’s Portman Clinic have determined that 70-80 percent of children who experience transgender feelings “spontaneously lost those feelings” over time.

Yet in today’s terminally ill America, it’s in vogue, and actually legal, for abusive adults, like lesbian “mommies” Pauline Moreno and Debra Lobel, to pump their 11-year-old son Thomas full of dangerous hormone-blocking drugs so that he can soon be sterilized and have his penis and testicles cut off. He wants to become “Tammy,” you see. (Think the fact that Tommy is being raised by two lesbians and has been intentionally deprived of his father has anything to do with his sexual confusion?)

But as I wrote last October, the “T” in “LGBT” also stands for “tyranny.”

“Washington state, dateline 2012: Colleen is just like the girl next door. Well, sort of. Colleen has a penis. So, I guess, unless the girl next door has a penis, Coleen really isn’t much like her at all.

“But that’s beside the point. In Washington you must, under penalty of law, pretend, along with Colleen and Democrats, that, in the face of both reality and sanity, Colleen really is like the girl next door. This includes letting Colleen, who is actually a 47-year-old dude named Clay Scott Francis, lay naked and ‘sprawled out in a sauna exposing himself’ to girls as young as 6 years old. This really happened in the ladies locker room at Evergreen State College.

“It’s only fair, you see, because, as Clay, er, ‘Colleen,’ complained, and as police agreed, this sick bastard was ‘discriminated against’ when he was asked to leave on behalf of a terrorized 17-year-old girl. ‘This is not 1959 Alabama,’ cried Francis. ‘We don’t call police for drinking from the wrong water fountain.’

“Get that, my African-American friends? According to this beneficiary of ‘white privilege,’ a man who, incidentally, identifies as a ‘transgender lesbian’ (meaning he’s sexually attracted to females), to be told that you cannot sprawl naked and intentionally expose your manly bits to 6-year-old girls is no different from being relegated to a ‘colored only’ water fountain.”

This is one screwed up Jenner-ation.

And it’s going to get worse.

While Islam laughs our fool heads off.

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  • AutumnDenver

    “according to the latest peer-reviewed studies, so-called “transgender” people, after “sex reassignment” surgery, commit suicide at a rate 20 times higher than normal…”

    But you cannot look at that statistic in a vacuum. The rate of suicide after surgery must be compared to the rate of surgery without surgery to mean anything. The rate of attempted suicides for all trans people is 49%. Cutting the rate in more than half is rather good.

    • Bob Ellis

      The deliberate mutilation of a healthy body may further the illusion of something that is not (i.e. that a man is a woman or vice versa), and thus “buy some time and distance” between the suffering individual and the reality they find so repugnant.

      However, the fact that the suicide rate of those who have deliberately mutilated their bodies to make it appear to be something it is not is still 20x higher than the norm proves self-mutilation of a healthy body is nowhere close to a rational response to confusion about ones sex.

      The proper response to someone’s difficulty accepting reality is to help them adjust to reality, not to humor their disorientation and certainly not to participate in or condone the mutilation of a healthy human body.

  • franklinb23

    “A woman must not wear men’s clothing, nor a man wear women’s clothing, for the Lord your God detests anyone who does this”

    Someone needs to tell the Scottish bagpipe players this. They like them kilts which always remind me of Catholic school girl outfits.

    Someone should also have informed our Founding Fathers. From all accounts, they had a thing for frilly shirts, silk stockings and powdered wigs.

    Guys, the designation of what constitutes “men’s wear” versus “women’s wear” is often arbitrary. Pink used to be a boy’s color. Some very conservative Catholic bishops wear very fancy robes that look a lot like dresses to me.

    All arbitrary … and determined by the fashionable (and sometimes not-so-fashionable) elite, quite often.

    • Bob Ellis

      Fashion and sex-appropriate clothing does indeed change. However, every time period and culture knows what items are specifically denotative of male and female. When a man deliberately wears something that denotes femininity or vice versa, they are attempting to blur, distort and pervert the natural God-given differences between the sexes, and contribute to sexual anarchy.

      The clothing item itself is morally-neutral. Knowing the sexual indication and connotation of the clothing item, then deliberately embracing an attempt at deception or distortion is the moral transgression.

      It is clear beyond any sane shred of doubt that Bruce Jenner and his recent shameful behavior are a desperate attempt to make people think that a man is a woman-something that can never be. A deliberate attempt to deceive.

  • Thisoldspouse

    Jenner in full drag looks shockingly like that cross-dressing Buffalo Bill serial murderer character from Silence of the Lambs. Someone ought to tell him.