One of Five Questions With Gordon Howie

Gordon_HowieThe Rapid City Journal asked five questions of conservative independent candidate for U.S. Senate Gordon Howie.

Here’s one of them:

You say even the Republican in the race (Rounds) is not a “true conservative.” What makes you the one truly conservative candidate?

Are you suggesting that the other candidates are claiming they are conservatives? That is laughable because the difference is, if you look at the records, both Pressler and Weiland voted for Obama. How can you argue with a straight face that demonstrates conservative principles? You can’t. If you’re Mike Rounds and you’re arguing you’re a conservative, how can you look at his record of nearly doubling the state budget, increasing taxes, leaving us with a $127 million deficit? How can you argue that’s conservative. My credentials are pretty clear. My record shows that I don’t just say I’m a conservative but I actually believe it. The Argus Leader did an article that showed a national commentary saying I’m the most conservative candidate running in any competitive senate race. So I think the jury is in on that and so now the question is whether we listen to political sound bites at a time when even Democrats who voted for Obama want to portray themselves as conservatives or whether we look at records. We either vote for one of the great pretenders or we vote for someone with real credentials.

Me? I’ve had enough of pretend conservatives and pretend “Republicans” to make me want to puke. I’ll be voting for the only conservative in the U.S. Senate race in South Dakota this year: Gordon Howie.

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