Obama’s Stealth Strategy Against the Second Amendment

gateSoon after President Obama and his allies lost key votes in the U.S. Senate on their push for more federal gun control laws, they started pushing for immigration reform. Part of the purpose of the immigration reform drive is a stealth strategy against the Second Amendment and its supporters.

Obama hopes that adding millions of new voters from among the illegal aliens who get citizenship will overwhelm American voters and politicians who support the Second Amendment. Obama forces hope that the numbers are enough to take back control of the House of Representatives and retire many Democrats and Republicans in the Senate who stand with the Second Amendment.

Although some illegal immigrants are here because they fled homelands to escape oppression and really do appreciate the liberty that America has, many other illegal aliens are just here to get things. Some just want more free stuff from federal, state, or local governments. Many illegal aliens came here with help from criminal organizations and as agents of criminal groups. They help with the smuggling and distribution of drugs north of our borders. Some help with the theft of cars, trucks, and construction equipment and smuggle such things over the border to Mexico for a very profitable sale.

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The government of Mexico supports the open borders and illegal immigration because it is so profitable for Mexico. The two biggest sources of foreign money for Mexico are the sale of oil from Mexico to other countries and the wiring of money to Mexicans from relatives in the U.S. Is it any wonder that Mexico is lobbying Congress for immigration reform that will solidify profits for Mexico even more?

It is the profits from the open border and illegal immigration trades, both legal and illegal, that fuel the money going to politicians and lobbyists to push for immigration reform.

Socially, many illegal aliens are from countries where the normal pattern is that the government has all the guns. They are predisposed to wanting guns outlawed because that is within their social norm.

Many of these illegal aliens have not even bothered to learn American English or study our country’s history and the reasons for not trusting government officials to be the only ones with guns.

That is what Obama and his allies are hoping to exploit. They hope to use millions of people who never learned the importance of the Second Amendment to vote Second Amendment supporters from office.

Second Amendment supporters should start warning other voters and every Second Amendment supporting Member of Congress about Obama’s stealth strategy against the Second Amendment in the immigration reform effort.

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