New Fundraising Location for Christian Florist

Barronelle_StutzmanSchofield, WI- Continue to Give, a faith based online, mobile, and kiosk fundraising and church tithing platform, has allowed Barronelle Stutzman to open a fundraiser on their site.

This will be the second fundraiser, along with Sweet Cakes by Melissa, that Continue to Give has allowed on their fundraising site that GoFundMe has shut down.

Continue to Give states, “Our slogan says it all. “Helping People Help People” Anyone that wants to give to the fundraisers can and anyone who doesn’t won’t have to support it. We like to try and let the community decide what and who they want to give their money to.”

Continue to Give currently serves churches, missionaries, nonprofits, and individuals with online tithing, mobile fundraising, kiosk giving, and crowdfunding.

Continue to Give also stated, “We are also glad to save our fundraisers $1,000’s because our transaction fees are so much lower than other fundraising sites. This will allow Barronelle to keep more of the money she raises.”

Continue to Give’s current crowdfunding rates are 3.6% + .60 while other more popular sites such as GofundMe charge 7.9% + .30. Continue to Give also offers nonprofit and church processing rates that start at 0.5% + .30.

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  • Thisoldspouse

    I hope these funds are not being collected to pay the fascist state’s “protection money.”

    I’d go to the mat to not pay it. Barronelle has already likened paying the fine as just like Judas’ actions.