Mr. Trump: A Rolex Watch is Not a Moral Compass

Photo credit: Ali Rezvani

Photo credit: Ali Rezvani

Obviously, this title is a hook, I have no idea what kind of a watch Donald Trump wears, but I don’t know what kind of moral compass he follows either – does anyone?

Mr Trump’s cockiness has brought him to the top of the endless polls as the candidate with the toughest rhetoric against everything the leftists, liberals and lawless bunch think is peachy keen.

But, is it anything more than rhetoric? Is there any substance, past record, long standing position, moral perseverance or even believability to anything the Donald says?

Ted Cruz 2016


On closer examination it seems that Trump is a political Indiana Jones – he is just making it up as he goes along.

The latest wishy washy uninformed proclamation is a statement made on CNN that he would like to see some of Planned Parenthood’s programs and services continued and given ample funding.

Live Action’s Lila Rose says “Trump’s vacillation on Planned Parenthood funding is deeply troubling, and reveals an ignorance about their horrific abortion practices–their killing over 320,000 children a year, and bartering to sell the body parts of those they abort. It’s obvious from Mr. Trump’s comments that he has not watched the Planned Parenthood videos released by Center for Medical Progress. That is the only way he could recommend to continue funding this abortion conglomerate that is totally unnecessary and any organization that engages in these human rights abuses does not deserve a penny of tax payers’ money. It would be better spent on health services that would save the lives of women and babies. I challenge Mr. Trump to watch the videos.”

Trump has insulted Megyn Kelly, risked a war with Fox’s Roger Ailes, and proclaimed on CNN’s “New Day” that if he whines enough he will always win.

Trump said, “I do whine because I want to win and I’m not happy about not winning and I am a whiner and I keep whining and whining until I win.”

Someone – give this man his baby binky before he spits-up all over us.

Mr. Trump claims to be a Presbyterian, a church that recently altered its definition of marriage to include same-sex couples. He says he tries to go to church and at the very least will attend on Christmas and Easter.

Among evangelicals a Christmas-Easter type Christian is called a CE which is another way of saying they are wannabes. Discipleship and church attendance are miles apart. A bit of church attendance can neither make a Christian nor deny him the chance to become one, but modern mans over reliance on all things relative is often only a means to self-deception

What is relative is that even Trump could not buy Big Ben from the British, but we could stand in front of Big Ben and ask a man who wears a twenty five dollar Timex for the time and get the same result.

What we cannot do is – get what is moral from a timepiece.

Relativity fails when it comes to morality. We can ask any person for advice but they can only deliver what has previously been deposited. To wit:

“A good man out of the good treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is good; and an evil man out of the evil treasure of his heart bringeth forth that which is evil: for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh.” (Lu 6: 45)

When we put it all together, what America has done after hearing and cheering Trump’s statements about immigration and his subsequent refusal to back down, is to waive him through to the front of the line.

Now, we would send a warring, whining, wishy-washy, wannabe – winging his way to Washington without a wary word to the wise!

Good thinking America!

It is at this juncture you would expect this writer to say, we should believe the Bible, then quote a verse or two that would cast aspersions on the Donald. While it’s not a bad idea we can’t start that high up the common sense ladder. Let’s look at the first few wrungs and ask these questions on what we think we should believe about Donald Trump.

Do we you believe that in several lifetimes Mr. Trump can get Mexico to pay for our wall on the border?

Do we really believe that this self-proclaimed star is the right ego and the right temperament to have his finger on the nuclear button in today’s volatile world?

Do we honestly believe that a cocky billionaire has any lasting solution to the deep moral decline we have been in for an entire generation?

Can money, jobs, business acumen, stock market booms and burgeoning markets get God to back off from even one of his promises that clearly say the nation that sins will be cutoff and eventually destroyed.

Don’t believe God?  Then take an honest look at history, it wouldn’t be the first time a nation plunged into moral decline and passed from history – never to be heard from again.

I will provide this one verse, lest I be remiss in my duty and calling.

“Ah sinful nation, a people laden with iniquity, a seed of evildoers, children that are corrupters: they have forsaken the LORD, they have provoked the Holy One of Israel unto anger, they are gone away backward.” (Isaiah 1: 4)

Abortion, chop-shop babies, perverted marriage, an ongoing national sexual obsessive compulsive disorder, corruption and deep darkness on every level don’t mean much; Trump’s solution for all of this is – kick China’s butt, bounce the immigrants back to Mexico, conjure up a few jobs and proceed to live happily ever after.

This is not bad thinking, it is the means by which we will become the world’s bully instead of the world’s policemen – it is callous cultural degradation that defies God and insults the very heritage of our nation.

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  • Dave Francis


    A substantial amount of the GOP isn’t just AWOL on the border
    enforcement—they have been backing Obama’s amnesty for the violators of our
    law. The pilot program called E-Verify is only running optional performance to
    send people home and its not—MANDATORY. Those employers who think they are
    above the law, needs to be proven wrong and just as obligatory E-Verify
    employers needs to be locked away for 5 years and no parole. They are still stealing
    jobs from true Americans, and should be answerable?

    If E-Verify had been MANDATED in the first instance, illegal aliens will
    not be able to get a job? More 50 state ICE agents and with the assistance of
    Whistle-blowers, nobody would abscond from the law? Each day the
    illegal-alien-industrial complex grows into an even larger Goliath. The whole
    illegal immigration issue exploded with the criminal bullet that took down Kate
    Steinle, killing her on a San Francisco tourist spot a month ago. The criminal illegal alien let out onto the
    streets fired the shot, effectively woke up the nation’s people to foreigners
    who should have been deported; that’s it wasn’t for Obama’s overreaching
    preferential treatment to let thousands of criminal aliens to keep being welcomed.

    After reading Donald Trump 6 page report about his illegal immigration
    plan, I have found myself elated. Finally a red blooded American who will build
    a real deterrent, a wall spiraling upwards and as strong as the Israeli wall?
    He already has my vote, my families and from what I have heard around the
    neighborhood, lots of other people. He is unstoppable, unless the GOP or
    Democrats rig the system. He is the
    first Presidential candidate to clearly outline his response to the terrible
    situation in America smothered by 12 to 40 million foreigners. It has been shown that King
    Obama’s frontal attack on citizens and LEGAL RESIDENTS with his preferential
    treatment for aliens who skirt the physical
    existence of a fence (hundreds of miles of open land, without any barrier) and
    an order to US Border Patrol supervisors to only “Catch and Release”. It’s the
    same as the criminals being released from their cell and dumped on an
    unsuspecting public, which is in the hundreds of thousands. Trump I am sure
    will enact laws on individual who knowingly violates the law and will be seeing
    the interior of prison walls.

    It’s about time we have an outsider as Trump who is not part of the
    political elite class. Of course there is honest statesman in Congress, but
    unless you are a career politician you don’t really stand a chance? However, I
    do appreciate Ted Cruz of Texas for his outspoken war on those politicians who have the power and
    influence that have sent America in the wrong Direction. His assault on Mexico has perfect legitimacy
    as they have gained inroads into our legislative Rule of Law. To think that
    Trumps impoundment of billions in remittances from illegal workers is correct
    and no more special privileges for their Diplomats, will endeavor to create a
    following of citizens and permanent residence like the election process has
    never seen the likes before. BUT BE
    GUARDED—radicals and zealots will use our lax electoral system to cheat any
    politician, by using fraudulent votes? Non citizens have been illegally voting
    and could easily change any election.
    Under Trump black Americans and second generation Hispanics will gain an
    advantage, to at last be hired for a decent job to feed their families, instead
    of being retained by illegal aliens.

    Public servants will find receive no favoritism from a Donald Trump as
    Commander in Chief, as you cannot buy his fidelity. Currently there is no
    prison, no hefty fines for the ICE officials or local law authorities, who
    abridge immigration policies and walk away free, knowing the public short
    attention span and fade out.

    Finally-an American patriot, who really cares about the state of the
    union; about the will of the American people? He has dared to challenge big business
    and industry; the usual people with wheelbarrows of cash to buy our senators
    and House politicians. They go to Congress and procure votes from lawmakers.
    The Special Interests give ample amounts of intangible of cash to campaigns. Contributions
    and other nefarious dollars smuggled out to tax havens. For Mr. Trump to even dare to add an killing
    amendment to the ‘BIRTHRIGHT CITIZENSHIP’ law that openly allows illegal alien
    mothers to smuggle their undetectable fetus through the porous border, or
    entering under false pretenses via airports and other means going straight to
    our overburdened hospitals, so they can have their children and gain a US


    It’s a nice financially pleasing
    bundle of joy (an Anchor Baby) that gives promo to years of free benefits and
    the ultimate problem of CHAIN MIGRATION, which sponsors other family members to
    live off society. I am an old Vet, and seen the continuing erosion of our
    rights under Obama’s Imperial rule. Hillary Clinton would be the same
    manifestation as this President, who is trying to crush the US Constitution and the
    edicts consigned to us by the founding fathers. Madam Hillary has the same
    murky water under the bridge, that has flowed constantly from her early days in the Whitewater scandal, to
    Benghazi and now her complete disregards for National Security in using a
    personal server for government purposes? I see through her smirk a basket of
    lies and perhaps sly money laundering through her foundation. If president she
    would owe so many favors to dictators and potentates for the money in her
    questionable foundation. Even Jeb Bush, Sen. Lindsey Graham would be obligated
    to there high money campaign donors and would also be beholden to the cronies,
    to keep the cheap labor pouring through our borders. For decades my family was
    loyal Democrats, but the interdiction of Liberal Progressives and Politically
    Correct Police and their ability to separate races, religions and skin color
    has turned me away.