A Message to Gov. Daugaard

As you may know, “Republican” Governor Dennis Daugaard recently upped the ante in the war the RINO GOP establishment has declared on the Republican base and those who consider Republican values important.

Daugaard endorsed a number of Republican legislative primary candidates over another Republican, something that is rarely if ever done. Not only did he pick sides in a primary (when Party officials normally remain nonpartisan), in most cases he picked the most liberal of the two candidates–the candidate that least represents Republican values.

There are a number of reasons that I and other life-long Republicans are outraged at the latest actions of the governor. We normally expect high officials to remain nonpartisan in contested primary races. We expect party officials (and Daugaard is a member of the Republican Party Central Committee) to remain nonpartisan.  We would expect a highly prominent member of the Republican Party to uphold the highest standards of Republican values and the party platform–not endorse candidates who make a mockery of said values and platform. We would expect a Republican governor who claims to be pro-life to realize how important that issue is, and nor endorse candidates who have shown disdain for protecting innocent human life. We would expect a Republican governor who claims to recognize the importance of the family to realize how critical this issue is, and not endorse an agent of the homosexual agenda.  We would also expect a Republican governor to do everything he could to fight unconstitutional assaults on our liberty (e.g. ObamaCare), and not facilitate or pave the way for such affronts in our state–and we would not expect him to endorse those who would.

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The ad below appeared in the Rapid City Journal today. If you agree that Gov. Daugaard’s actions are reprehensible or out of line, please send this ad to Gov. Daugaard as a simple way to let him know you are watching…and that you are not pleased.

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