Merging Paul’s Outreach with Cruz’s Principles

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY)

Ted Cruz has a bit of an image problem while Rand Paul has a bit of a message problem. Cruz is more consistent but obviously more maligned. Both men are highly intelligent. Cruz is traditionalist while Paul thinks outside the box. Both men hold our rule of law in very high regard but at the end of the day each possesses a bit of what the other lacks.

Cruz is not afraid to take his message to the masses but he needs to go places he has never been before and win over the misinformed with his strong and consistent message of liberty and intrusion free personal responsibility.

Paul has many ideological similarities to Cruz but he seems a bit too willing to sacrifice the base for a few extra votes. Conservative principles are not the problem however. In fact, the exclusivity of a truly conservative platform has never been the issue. Small, responsible government and constitutional conservatism are intrinsically linked. The message has never been the problem. The inability of the messenger to counter fear mongering and propaganda (while remaining consistently grounded in sound and ethical governing principles) have always reaped bad fruit. The ultimate take home message, regardless of the audience, remains…

If we are waiting on either political party to take care of us we are going to be sorely disappointed. Both parties lure us (and use us) with false promises to gain their own personal and special interest power (and the media is in on it). That’s why Ted Cruz is vilified the way he is (as will Paul if he is the nominee), because he is for individual liberty, personal responsibility and national sovereignty rather than Big Global Government.

Both party’s fight for themselves, not for us. In fact, they profit off of our misery. I’m still unsure what to make of Paul, but if Cruz is forced to leave the GOP I will gladly follow him.

The efficacy of Godly conservatism is universal! It is the foundation in which our country was founded. There is no need to sacrifice it now!

I don’t want to seem patronizing, but I need to ask my fellow Americans (of all political/cultural persuasions) in all seriousness: What exactly do you want government to do for you?

I firmly believe that whenever government does, in fact, do something, they merely grab more power (as they substantially line a few pockets). I understand civil rights (and that we are all equal members of God’s creation) but we are also fallen creatures. Are we truly cognizant of the natural condition of man? This is the knowledge that led to the creation of the three separate but equal branches of government (and the inherent checks and balances that lie therein).

Let’s be careful where we place our faith!

I think Washington is under demonic influence at this point (I’m not kidding) and has been for a while.

* In the end nothing is free. If it sounds too good to be true it usually is, and somewhere down the road a price will be paid. I’m very big picture-analytical about this stuff. I fully support men and women of all races, color and creed but God has given us principles to live by and most of our elected politicians don’t apply them. Debt, in particular, is an evil that sooner or later will rear its ugly head…..

“Inconvenienced by a small mistake
Mother chooses to exterminate
I wonder what the forefathers would say
The land of the free, home of the depraved
I bet that Disney’s spinnin’ in his grave.”

- Monty Colvin

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