Map of Anti-Christian Groups in America

anti-Christian_mapTUPELO, Miss.American Family Association (AFA, has identified more than 200 groups and organizations that openly display bigotry toward the Christian faith and is educating Americans about these groups through an online map.

The web site includes an interactive map that identifies groups whose actions are deeply intolerant of the Christian religion. Their actions, for example, have endorsed efforts to silence Christians and to remove all public displays of Christian heritage and faith in America.

“A common practice of these groups is threatening our nation’s schools, cities and states,” said AFA President Tim Wildmon. “By threat of lawsuit, they demand that prayer be removed from schools and city council meetings, that Ten Commandments monuments be stricken from courthouses, and that memorial crosses be purged from cemeteries and parks.

“Because of anti-Christian bigotry,” he continued, “private business owners have been sued and forced to close their businesses. Families and businesses that express a Christian worldview on social issues often face vicious retaliation from anti-Christian zealots, and it’s time to call them out for their intolerance.”

AFA added in an Action Alert yesterday to its one million-plus friends and supporters that some members of these groups have committed violent crimes against Christians and faith-based groups. Physical and profane verbal assaults against Christians are also methods frequently exercised as angry methods of intimidation.

To view the anti-Christian groups by state, visit AFA also distributes a weekly email alerting Christians of the top anti-Christian bigotry stories across the country and how they can take action. Sign up for the alerts at

American Family Association offers its friends and supporters several mobile apps through The AFA Action Alerts app, with breaking news and action alerts, is available for the iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store, on Google Play and on the Amazon Appstore for Android. The AFR (American Family Radio) app is available for Apple and Android products, and the AFA Action app with, for example, voter information at election time, is available on Apple and Android platforms.

For more information on American Family Association, visit or follow AFA on Facebook or on Twitter @AmericanFamAssc.


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  • Thisoldspouse

    I’ll glad AFA is doing what others should be doing.

    “Niceness” isn’t effective OR even Christian. There was not a more caustic, provocative prophet than John, deemed by Jesus the “greatest man born of woman.” He loudly called out sin, and the sinner by association, fearing not the loss of his own life in proclaiming the ugly truth to his powerful enemies. And he was the predecessor and announcer of Him who was killed for the same caustic, unapollogetic condemnation of sin and unrepentant sinners.

    • Bob Ellis

      Yes, it’s about time.

      The Southern Poverty Law Center has been labeling conservative and pro-family groups as “haters” for several years now. It’s about time we saw who the true haters and enemies of American values really are.

      • Thisoldspouse

        And it’s time we walk with our dollars like never before.

        I have the opportunity to dump Liberty Mutual as an insurer, and will capitalize on this instance to drive home the reason. They were one of the sponsors of the HRC banquet last year.