LovGov: Govt In Love With Running Your Life

LovGovHave you ever been in a relationship where the person on the other end tries to run your life?  Have you ever been a relationship where the other person tries to interject themselves into everything you do, criticize everything you do, and control everything you do?

Unfortunately, Americans are in such a toxic relationship right now, whether we like it or not. It’s our relationship with our federal government.  Though the federal government was originally a creation of the states (and by extension, the people) in 1787, many years of inattention and complacency have allowed the federal government to become a Frankenstein’s monster, where the creation has gotten out of control to threaten the creator and all around him.

The LovGov series of videos uses a relationship between a man and a woman to illustrate how government has come to interject itself into every facet of our lives, telling us what’s good for us and what’s bad for us, and making decisions for us that are rightly ours.  It even poisons our relationships with others (as we see when government interjects itself in the free market where it doesn’t belong.

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In addition to these humorous but teaching videos, there’s a MyGovCost app you can download which will show you how much government is costing you…and what you might have done with that productivity if the government had not legally robbed you of it.

We’ve come to the sad place we are in a once-free nation called America because we didn’t educate ourselves, and we were not vigilant to guard our God-given liberties.  But you can help change that. Educate yourself, then educate others.

Let’s get back to a place where the people are in a healthy relationship with their government. A place where government only does for us the things we cannot do or do well enough on our own–and only the things we have specifically authorized it to do.

America is worth saving!

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