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A Liberal Who Gets It-At Least One Thing

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She may be a Leftist who advocates lawlessness, the Balkanization of America, and undermines our national sovereignty and national security, but at least this liberal gets it-unlike a lot of weak-kneed “Republicans” who don’t have what it takes to stand against liberals and liberalism.

I’m talking about 2011 Presidential Freedom Medal Award Winner Dolores Huerta, to whom President Barack Obama recently awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom (which, apparently, should be renamed-at least as long as Obama is president-the Presidential Medal of License and Lawlessness).

Apparently she sees that Republicans are the “enemies” of her agenda to subvert our laws and borders.

From CNS News:

The video shows Huerta taking the microphone at a May Day protest near the California Democratic Convention in Sacramento in 2011. Huerta tells a Spanish-speaking crowd, “We’ve got to understand who our enemies are, it’s the Republicans not the Democrats.”

Apparently she’s never met a lot of South Dakota “Republicans,” who lack the will to do anything about illegal immigration as Arizona and some other states are attempting to do, since our federal government has made it clear they will refuse to enforce our laws. She would proclaim many of them to be very good allies.

But the Orwellian state of the “Republican” Party in South Dakota aside…Unlike a lot of “Republicans,” she understands that we are in a war for our culture, for the principles and values upon which our nation was and will continue to be based. She isn’t pussy-footing around, talking about “different views” and “interpretations” and such nonsense. She has an agenda to overturn our immigration laws and national borders, and she means to accomplish it.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had more Republicans possessed of the resolve to stop her-and all the liberalism that is eroding the American way of life?

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