Left’s Catch 22 and the Christian’s Righteous Response

imgI’ve been talking about this for years (as have many of my fellow conservatives).

It is something that should continue to be pressed relentlessly. In the politically correct analysis of what constitutes ‘hate speech,’ whose agenda reigns supreme?

I’m speaking specifically of the two most hostile sects of American citizenry these days: Militant gays and Militant Muslims.

Ted Cruz 2016


We now have mega corporations and our own government bowing and capitulating to the sensitivities and preferences of Constitution-defying militants above and beyond the general population. Such sensitivities often result in the troubling manifestation of threats, lawsuits, and boycotts against private citizens (as well as public officials) who merely choose to exercise their first amendment right to free speech/expression of faith. Not only are people losing their businesses and livelihoods, but they are even threatened with bodily harm by activists determined to have their worldview imposed on the majority. Are we still living in America?

Our own president continues to lecture and admonish various non-Islamic (i.e. Kenya, India, etc.) countries for their lack of inclusivity and forward thinking (while ignoring the least tolerant – Iran, Saudi Arabia, etc.). However, there must certainly come a time when the Islamic–easily the most prominent and aggressive persecutors of gays–call for adherence and sharia compliance will include the ‘LGBTs.’

Why are the proposed boycotts in places like Indiana not extending to those countries that throw poor souls alleged to exhibit same-sex desires off buildings?

These are the types of questions that must be asked of every liberal commentator, activist, theologian, and politician loudly and aggressively time and time again. This must be done boldly and repeatedly before even one more religious conservative is unjustly targeted, maligned, and vilified for soundly maintaining a right of conscience on well-founded religious and existential grounds. The general lack of moral consistency from the left is astounding.

Ultimately, this is the crux of the culture war. Thrust open this Pandora’s box, and we get to the true spiritual heart of the matter. The extended denial of the hypocrisy at play can only lead to one logical conclusion – complicity by design. We would be correct to recognize George Soros’ arbitrary global standard of morality as conceived in his reworked Open Society ideology to account for the seemingly incompatible dichotomy, no doubt.

Let the ramifications of a forced disclosure fly, that the one true God be soundly presented as The Solution!

* Maybe it’s time to put aside the things that divide and stand united in faith and orthodoxy. We must resist a watering down of the gospel for a clear affirmation of the foundational tenets of Christian belief. We are so prone to add to the Word of God as preserved by the early church but the essentials remain.

May our spiritual change be radical and our impact be felt. Our commitment to the good fight of faith must be true and enduring. We must live for Him or die trying. Biblical faith firmly declares the depths of our sinful depravity, the efficacy of grace, and the power of the Holy Spirit revealed in God’s shared, written Word.

There is a narrow road that divides dead institutions, destructive practices void of theological discretion and a gospel-based, Jesus-centered foundation. A strong dependency on Jesus and the call to live selflessly, righteously and holy are the bedrocks of Justification by Faith. Original Sin, Fallen Humanity and Redemption in Christ are the vital aspects of theology and natural reality that will never be defeated.

We must take to heart the wise words of Alistair Begg who warns that, “an easy-going, theologically vague, harmlessly accommodating theology is the product of the deceived and the deceiving… A failure to declare the gospel of God in all of its full-orbed authority and certainty is in itself a form of deception.”

In particular, social gospel Protestantism suffers from a ‘good’ yet unfaithful heart as does all religious humanism. Once you divorce Biblical truth from Biblical charity you wind up ultimately throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Hence, much of the modern social justice movement is actually an affront to true Godly virtue and charity as its flimsy foundation has been hijacked by tyrannical and apathetic global elites willing to sacrifice many lives for an ill conceived and ultimately godless utopia.

Let’s remove all excessive and unnecessary impositions and impediments and truly allow God’s authoritative word to do the talking.

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  • franklinb23

    Generally speaking, you can say what you want about gays and not expect to meet with actual death. Not so with Islam. You can’t even draw a cartoon.

    Some folks were criticizing Pam Gellar for her “Draw Mohammed Cartoon” contest in Texas, saying it was somehow her fault for the shootings that transpired. “She provoked them, after all”. I don’t understand this, because these same folks will have no issue criticizing other religious faiths, including Christians. Are they saying that they’d cease their criticism of Christianity if only Christians became more violent?

    I don’t agree with everything Pam says or does, but she’s one of the few who is willing to put her life on the line in defense of free speech. Without this, we cannot seriously call ourselves a free society. This means we all have to tolerate and accept the fact that others may say things we find reprehensible.

    I don’t think this has anything to do with adopting a specific set of religious creeds, though. It only takes people who believe that having the legal freedom to speak one’s mind is a good in itself.

    • Thisoldspouse

      “Generally speaking, you can say what you want about gays and not expect to meet with actual death.”

      Your comment would be gut-busting hilarious if you weren’t serious. But fining someone $135,000!!!!!!! for saying something a couple of “gays” found insulting is just flat out fascist.

      • franklinb23

        As I said, the fine was excessive, and I wouldn’t have assessed a fine at all.

        But being fined an egregious sum (and this happens to individuals and corporations all the time in America) is not the same as having your head slowly cut off with a dull blade before being put on a stake.

        Go to Pam Gellar’s site and tell me this sort of violence and persecution is what you’re experiencing in America, and I’ll tell you that you’re delusional.

        Don’t make false equivalencies. You only lose credibility.

        • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

          No doubt they are not the same.

          But neither is even remotely moral, just, or acceptable in what is supposed to be a free country.

  • AJ Castellitto

    Gellar is a Jewish lesbian agnostic right? I guess for the obamaites 2 out of 3 ain’t bad….. But not good enough