Jan. 28 South Dakota Legislative Billwatch


Pierre_Capitol_RotundaHere are some of the most important bills being considered by the South Dakota Legislature today.

HB 1073 looks to tighten up requirements on sex offenders, requiring them to report changes in their vehicle status. Sex offenders have what is perhaps the highest rate of recidivism in the criminal world, and it is important that the authorities be able to monitor and keep close tabs on them after they are released from prison.  Public safety is paramount.

HB 1069 seeks to place limits on the authority of delegates to a proposed Article V convention, to be called for the purpose of proposing amendment(s) to the U.S. Constitution. Limiting the authority of a delegate to a constitutional convention is a tricky proposition.  It might be accomplished with very specific and tightly-worded legislation, but as many have pointed out, there are still considerable risks in calling an Article V convention.

HCR 1001 is likely a direct response to the criticism “Republican” legislators have faced in recent years as they act like Democrats and seek to increase taxes. Sometimes they seek to do this through “fees” instead of taxes, per se.  There is a legitimate difference between a fee and a tax in many cases….but often Democrats and RINOs (pardon the redundancy) jack up “fees” to bring in revenue to the government in excess of a cost commensurate with the “fee” for services.  If “Republicans” in the “Republican” supermajority South Dakota legislature acted more like Republicans than Democrats, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

HJR 1001 makes a formal application to the federal government to call an Article V convention to amend the U.S. Constitution to add a balanced budget amendment. As I stated yesterday, there are a number of dangers and pitfalls that can come from an Article V “con con” or “Constitutional Convention,” and while better language in the legislation might reduce some of those dangers, it seems many of the legislators behind these bills are unwilling to tighten up the language to prevent mischief from the Left.

SB 67 seeks to tighten up state law with regard to election petitions.

Date Committee/Chamber Bill Title
10:00 AM
House Judiciary HB 1073 require a sex offender to report a change in vehicle status to law enforcement.
2:00 PM
House of Representatives HB 1069 limit the authority of delegates to a limited Article V convention to vote for unauthorized amendments contrary to legislative instructions and to provide a civil fine for the violation thereof.
2:00 PM
Senate HCR 1001 Recognizing the difference between the taxes and fees levied by the State of South Dakota.
2:00 PM
House of Representatives HJR 1001 Making formal application to Congress to call an Article V convention of the states for the sole purpose of proposing a federal balanced budget amendment.
2:00 PM
Senate SB 67 revise certain provisions regarding challenges to certain election petition signatures.

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