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Israel: Facts and Fantasies

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IsraelThe long discredited falsehood that it is the “Israeli occupation” that is responsible for the Christian flight from the territories under the control of the Palestinian Authority is wearing thin. Indeed, it is so thin that all who are fair minded and have eyes to see and ears to hear can see that it is veritably transparent.

The Christians are fleeing not from Israel but purely from the Muslim dominated Palestinian Authority itself. The reality is that the one and only place in the Middle East where Christians are thriving and growing in numbers is Israel. But Israel-bashers predictably ignore this fact.

As David Parsons of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem (ICEJ) points out:

“… The disturbing truth is that more than 60% of the Arab Christians in Palestinian Authority areas now live abroad. The same holds true for Lebanese Christians, as a similar 60% of their beleaguered community now live in foreign lands. Indeed, there has been a widening Christian exodus from all the surrounding Muslim Arab countries, with Iraq’s ancient Assyrian Christian community collapsing from 2.5 million to as few as 50,000 since the Second Gulf War commenced in 2003. The Coptic Church in Egypt is also losing tens of thousands of parishioners in the wake of the Arab Spring.”

The situation of Christians living throughout the Muslim world and, in particular, within the Middle East Arab dictatorships, emirates, kingdoms and sheikhdoms, is dire. But one would be hard put to hear any ringing public denunciations by Christian churches, such as the Methodists, Quakers and Presbyterians, of the persecution and dispossession of Christians living under Muslim occupation. Instead, too many within those denominations are busy sending money and support to the Arabs, especially those who call themselves Palestinians, or demonizing the beleaguered Jewish state.

Sadly too many Christian clerics, enduring Muslim occupation and discrimination, are bashing Israel and absurdly blaming the existence of Israeli villages, which are in biblical and ancestral Jewish Judea and Samaria (aka the West Bank), for their plight. The Muslim Arab pathology that lies at the root of all the violence inflicted upon Israel and which is driving the persecution of Christians is ignored. As Parsons suggests, “this is, sadly, a living portrait of a people in denial.”

It is essential for folks to understand the historic realities between Christians, Jews and Muslims since the creation of Islam in the 7th century.

It is also essential to understand that both Christians and Jews were forced into the degrading status of dhimmis; second class citizens under Islamic dominance, subject to all manner of discrimination and persecution; forced to pay the jizya tax in order to survive and forced to bow to their Muslim overlords and never to offend Islamic Sharia law on pain of death.

An English traveler, in the Holy Land in 1816, remarked that Christians were not permitted to ride on horseback without express permission from the Muslim Pasha.

Other European travelers to the Holy Land mentioned the practice whereby, “a dhimmi must not come face to face with a Muslim in the street but pass him to the left, the impure side,” and described how Christians and Jews were humiliated and insulted in the streets of Jerusalem until the mid-1800s when a Jewish majority was restored and the discrimination by Muslims was mostly ended.

The British consul in Jerusalem wrote that in the Holy Land, particularly in Jerusalem until 1839, Christians were pushed into the gutter by any Muslim who would swear: “turn to my left, thou dog.” They were forbidden to ride on a mount in town or to wear bright clothes.

David Parsons points out that, “… For many Christians in the Middle East, the rebirth of Israel actually stands as a light and model of freedom from Muslim tyranny. But for Palestinian Christians, the conflict that seeks to destroy the Jewish state has been too close for comfort.”

That is why it is so important to understand why some Christian clerics then and now spew vicious falsehoods against the Jewish state because they feel by so doing they deflect Muslim hatred towards them and their beleaguered communities.

In other words, the way to survive as threatened Christian islands in the midst of a Muslim Sea, is to appear more anti-Israel than Hamas, Fatah, the Muslim Brotherhood, Al Qaida, ad nauseum. The tragedy for Christians in the Middle East, especially within the Palestinian Authority, is that such tortuous acts avail them naught.

The facts, not the Muslim Arab myths, are that since the late arch-terrorist, Yasser Arafat, took power in 1994, thousands of Christians have fled from Gaza and the Palestinian Authority. Once a Christian city, by 2002 Muslims outnumbered Christians in Bethlehem four to one. The number of Muslims there compared to Christians in 2013 is now infinitely higher.

Naomi Ragen, a highly respected author and journalist, in a May 4, 2012 edition of the Jerusalem Post, wrote as follows:

“As I vividly recollect, back in 2001-2 during the height of the intifada I was receiving alarming e-mails several times a day from Christian organizations decrying the rapes and kidnaping of local Christian girls by Palestinians as a means of converting them to Islam; the desecration of Christian shrines and churches by Palestinian gunmen, including the repulsive siege of the Church of the Nativity, in which dozens of priests were held hostage by terrorists, while arguably the holiest shrine in Christendom was trashed by Arafat’s men.”

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