ISIS Crimes Against History, Humanity and Civilization


ISIS_historicalWhat is it that compels the hundreds of millions of Muslims who slavishly accept Koranic injunctions to so eagerly be willing to destroy and desecrate all ancient and priceless artifacts of non-Muslims.

We hear during every ghastly atrocity committed by Muslims the Islamic war cry - Allahu Akbar - which doesn’t mean “God is Great” as most folks think it does.

No, it is the Muslim triumphalist cry that, “Allah is Greater.” This is the Islamo-Nazis, “Allah uber alles” supremacist pronouncement to the world just as it was the German Nazis, “Deutschland uber alles.”

Happening now throughout those parts of the Middle East under ISIS occupation or influence, Muslim hordes in Syria are destroying archaeological treasures, including Byzantine mosaics and Greek and Roman statues. In Iraq, ISIS has destroyed several Jewish Biblical tombs such as those of Ezra and Jonah.

ISIS, the so-called Islamic State, has begun destroying ancient statues and cultural treasures in Iraq because Islam considers them graven images and idols, which is against the Islamic faith.

Destruction of world heritage sites by fanatical Islamo-Nazis is taking place all over the world, including the bulldozing of the ancient city in Iraq of Nimrud.

Remember the 2,500 year old statues of Buddha that the Muslim Taliban destroyed with artillery?

And in Mali, a famous library containing priceless ancient manuscripts has been torched by Muslim gangs while in Libya more ancient sites are threatened by ISIS.

But another predominately Muslim entity is guilty of a systematic crime against history, religion, humanity and civilization and has got away with it for years.

There has been hardly a murmur of protest from a hypocritical and international mainstream media or by archaeologists and heads of state around the non-Muslim world. Such is the pandering to the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians who have been on an orgy of desecration and vandalism.

I am referring to the Temple Mount, the holiest Jewish site in the world, which was foolishly given away to the Islamic Waqf immediately after Israel liberated the Old City of Jerusalem in 1967 from 19 long years of illegal Jordanian occupation.

This breathtakingly reckless act was made by Israel’s Moshe Dayan as a gesture of friendship in the hope that the Muslims and Palestinian Arabs would reciprocate and live in peace with the Jewish state. We know, alas, how that vain offer has turned out.

As Giulio Meotti, a journalist with the Italian newspaper, Il Foglio, wrote:

“The Waqf is now attempting to deliberately destroy all archaeological evidence of Jewish claims to this site, while using terror and intimidation to impose its exclusive claim to the Temple Mount.

“The Waqf has removed every sign of ancient Jewish presence at the site. At the entrance, a Waqf sign says ‘The Al-Aqsa Mosque courtyard and everything in it is Islamic property.'”

The Temple Mount in Jerusalem is the most sacred site of the Jewish people and faith; the very place that the Jewish King David built the sanctuary for the Ark of the Covenant and made his capital some 3,000 years ago after moving it from Hebron - another of the four holy Jewish cities.

It is where his son, King Solomon, built the first Temple, destroyed by the Babylonians and where Herod later built the Second Temple but destroyed by the Romans.

The very name, Jerusalem, Yerushalayim in Hebrew, was always the source of Jewish yearning and prayer down the dark centuries of exile and persecution.

For those Jews not living in the ancestral homeland, (and there were always Jewish communities in the land maintaining what numbers they could under successive alien occupations) the prayers expressed the longing to return and rebuild the eternal Jewish capital. It is not by accident that wherever in the world a synagogue stands, it faces Jerusalem.

Tragically, Israeli leaders have been terrified of upsetting the Muslim world and this very timidity and fear allows for triumphalist and tyrannical Islam to commit unspeakable crimes against civilization and history while daily butchering  Christians, Jews, Yazidis, as well as fellow Muslims.

Just as the followers of the “religion of peace” ruthlessly and freely commit vandalism and desecration on a scale unseen since the Nazi era, so the Palestinian Muslims, with the full complicity and encouragement of the Palestinian Authority have been and are desecrating, with ruthless and relentless destruction, Jewish and Christian artifacts and antiquities.

When the Moslem authorities, the Waqf, were so foolishly given permission to control the Temple Mount in 1967 they soon began using heavy bulldozers to dig up the ground in order to build yet another mosque, in addition to the two mosques Muslim conquerors had built over the site of the two biblical Jewish Temples.

Despite Israeli protests, they are deliberately desecrating tons of precious archaeologically rich soil. One archaeologist described the disturbed sites as “an archaeological crime” and an assault upon Jewish and Christian history.

Now, funded by the City of David Foundation, Israeli and other archeologists and volunteers desperately search through the tons of earth and rubble unceremoniously dumped by the Muslim Authorities in the nearby Kidron Valley.

The intrepid archaeologists and their helpers have uncovered thousands of rare and important artifacts from the First and Second Temple periods, as well as from Roman and Byzantine periods, among them a rare bulla dating from the First Temple period.

But each precious find, ripped and torn by Palestinian Muslims from its up to 3,000 year old location upon the Temple Mount, fatally compromises what each item can tell us: a most grievous and barbarous sin against history and civilization.

The catastrophe is continuing even now as the Muslim Waqf remorselessly and gleefully destroys as much evidence as they can of Judeo-Christian civilization and religion and history upon Jerusalem’s Temple Mount.

In stark contrast to the Muslim contempt for archaeological proof of any non-Muslim artifacts or historical evidence, which is inconvenient to their “ideology wrapped in a religion,” the discoveries by Israeli and other archaeologists at ancient Biblical sites continues to amaze and thrill the civilized world.

But one can only shudder at what discoveries of profound Biblical, spiritual and historical importance have already been destroyed and lost on Jerusalem’s Temple Mount while it remains under sole Islamic occupation.

This is Islam’s cruel gift to the non-Muslim world.

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