How to Destroy the U.S. Military

Obama_militaryFrom the Revolting Truth and Bill Whittle, a “how to” on how to destroy the U.S. military.

If you were, say, a Marxist zealot who had been taught to loathe the United States and the U.S. military, and you got a chance from the inside to decimate that military force, how might you do it? There would still be too many witnesses (and patriots) around to simply overtly obliterate that military force.

So how might you make the world’s most powerful military ineffective today…and for years to come?

Well, something that would go a long way would be to decimate morale and esprit de corps, and, as Bill Whittle put it, “create a set of conditions that are so incompatible with the warrior code that the warriors will simply remove themselves.” After a while, most of the good people will be gone, and we’ll be left with a largely undisciplined and unmotivated rabble in our armed forces. It’s happened to other nations; don’t think it can’t happen here.

After all, no amount of bombers, fighters, tanks, aircraft carriers, guns and nukes will do any good without good people to pull the trigger on those armaments.

The kind of “Barbara Streisand” when I was in the military under President Bill Clinton factored into my decision to throw away 10 years of service and get out of the Air Force.

One Leftist began the work of destroying the U.S. military some 20 years ago, and after an 8-year interruption, and even worse one has picked up where the first one left off and made things even worse.

And we, the American people, have let it happen.

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