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Homosexual Behavior Drives Increase in Syphilis

May 11, 2014   ·   By   ·   1 Comments

What was South Dakota Rep. Steve Hickey saying recently about the health risks associated with homosexual behavior?

From the UK Daily Mail:

Health officials say syphilis has reached its highest level since 1995 with the increase all in men.

Syphilis remains far less common in the U.S. than many other sexually spread diseases. But there has been a steady rise in gay and bisexual men catching the disease. They account for most of the recent infectious cases.

Since 2005, the rate in men has nearly doubled. It is much lower in women and hasn’t changed much.

As Dr. Gail Bolan, director of the US Centers for Disease Control’s (CDC) division of sexually transmitted disease (STD) prevention says, “We’re very concerned about this sharp increase among men who are having sex with men, gay, bisexual, because first of all it is a serious infection; if left untreated, it can actually get involved in the nervous system and cause stroke or dementia. It can also effect the eyes and cause visual impairment. We’re also concerned because we know the infectious form of syphilis, when you have an ulcerated lesion, if you are not HIV infected, you’re at more risk of acquiring HIV if you’re not having protected sex.”

Consider that this report says 83.9% of the syphilis cases reported in 2012 were associated with homosexual behavior-a group that makes up less than 3% of the population.  In other words, less than 3% of the population are generating 83.9% of the new syphilis cases.

And what was “journalist” Patrick Lalley at the Argus Leader saying about not knowing of any health risk associated with homosexual behavior?

Uh huh.


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