Homosexual Baker Sued for Refusing Pro-Marriage Cake


wedding_cakeMany of you know how homosexual activists have in recent years been trying to force people to affirm their self-destructive and societally-acidic lifestyle.  We’ve seen the cases where they seek to force pastors to counterfeit marriage for them, to force people to allow them a place to counterfeit a wedding, to force photographers to help give the illusion that their fake weddings are real, and force bakers to make fake wedding cakes for their counterfeit weddings.

Well, it seems what’s good for the goose is NEVER good for the gander.  Of course, this comes as no surprise to many of us who have been observing the intolerance of the “tolerant” for many years.

What’s more, Theodore Shoebat recently called around to several homosexual bakers to get them to make a cake upholding real marriage.  Surprise, surprise, they all refused. In fact, at least one was pretty insulting about it.

How the headline “Bakery that refused to ice cake with anti-gay slogans calling homosexuals ‘detestable’ is slapped with ‘religious discrimination complaint’ and threat of a court case” (keep in mind, this is from a typically pro-homosexual “mainstream” media outlet, so it’s full of pro-homosexual terms) shows us what it’s like when the shoe of tyranny goes on the other foot…and it isn’t very well received.

From the Daily Mail:

An anti-gay activist has filed a religious discrimination complaint against a bakery that refused to decorate a Bible-shaped cake with words describing homosexuals as ‘detestable’.

Azucar Bakery in Denver, Colorado, agreed to the order last March but said they would not inscribe the incendiary words.

They also refused the elderly man’s request for a design featuring two men holding hands with an ‘X’ over them, followed by the words ‘god hates homosexuality’.

To demand that a Christian baker make a cake that sends the message that counterfeit marriage is legitimate like a real marriage between a man and a woman is no less insulting and inflammatory than it is to demand that a homosexual baker make a cake that sends the true message that counterfeit marriage is detestable in the eyes of the author of marriage (God) and all who have common sense.

Interestingly, while Christians have a basis of religious freedom upon which to refuse such a request from homosexual activists, homosexual activist bakers have no such foundation. No religion in the world has a doctrine that says counterfeit marriage between two men or two women is acceptable, much less blessed.

In the end, no private business should be forced to send a message they disagree with or participate in anything they find objectionable. It’s pretty sad that it may take a case like this to make it blazingly obvious to the morally bankrupt in our society.

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