Homosexual Agenda Threatens Liberty

family“Equal Marriage” = Unequal Heterosexuals

The homosexual push for “equal marriage,” otherwise known as genderless marriage, can only lead to a ban on heterosexual rights. With a President in power who endorses gay causes and readily misuses executive orders, and emboldened by their numerous wins for gay rights at the legislative and judicial level, homosexuals have now moved beyond equal rights to the “more equal than you” level. As a result, gay organizations are working to ban that practice they fear the most — heterosexual behavior.

Witness the ban on heterosexual therapy successfully pushed by homosexual groups in California. Even though no scientific evidence exists of a “gay gene,” parents in California are now prohibited from taking their children to see a therapist to resolve their child’s unwanted same-sex attractions.

So for parents who discover that their son has been molested and is now sexually confused, their only option is to make an appointment with a gay affirming therapist because unlike heterosexual affirming therapy, gay affirming therapy has not been declared illegal in California even though such therapy has not been proven beneficial by the APA.

Yet a parent can take their son to a therapist to approve gender blocking hormones so that the child’s natural gender is stunted before he reaches puberty. In short, parents can attempt to change a child’s gender, but they cannot change their child’s sexual orientation unless it is to a homosexual identity.

This heterosexual ban did not come about by accident, because who would have considered it? Surely not parents, who want all therapeutic and medical options available for their child. So why would a state legislature like California ignore the wishes of parents and outlaw heterosexual therapy for children?

Nor can we attribute the ban to the wacky state of California, because New Jersey is next on the list to outlaw heterosexual therapy for children, thanks to a New Jersey state assemblyman who has introduced the legislation.

But as a politically powerful and wealthy constituent group of the Democratic party, gay activists know from their successful gay marriage battles (never won at the ballot box) lobby for homosexual legislation regardless of its effect on society at large. So as gay activist organizations band together to demand that state legislatures ban heterosexual therapy, its anti-heterosexual consequences are ignored and the rights of parents over their own children are outlawed.

As a former homosexual, I understand the gays’ dread and absolute fear of heterosexuality. It goes beyond trying to normalize sodomy by calling it “marriage.” It’s about labeling others as “gay” as early as possible — witness the gay activist push into public schools — and then ensuring that they do not leave the group. As a homosexual, I was welcomed with open arms, especially when I joined the gay activist cause.

But when I decided to leave homosexuality after seeing hundreds of my friends and acquaintances die of AIDS, I was demonized and excoriated as an ex-gay traitor, which continues to this day. Now I see that same hate against the ex-gay community being targeted against African-Americans who refuse to equate sodomy with their skin color and against heterosexuals who will not recognize homosexual behavior as a civil right.

So what does that mean for heterosexuals? Just look at what’s happening. In addition to banning heterosexual therapy, homosexuals are filing lawsuits against heterosexuals by using gay rights laws to force mandatory recognition and approval of homosexual behavior. Businesses and individuals who do not approve are fired from their jobs, threatened, or publicly castigated — as witnessed by the attempted but failed nationwide Chick-fil-A boycott by homosexuals.

The culture war is not slowing down; it’s just beginning to gain steam as gay organizations turn to anti-heterosexual legislation, mandatory public approval of sodomy, federal funding of gay youth activist organizations and homosexual initiatives, required government training against “homophobia,” “heterosexism,” and “transphobia,” etc., etc. This is more than a culture war; it is a war for our very own freedoms — a war for the character and future of our nation.

Homofascism will soon be, if it is not already, the greatest threat to our individual liberties in this country. So-called equality marriage is just the beginning.

Greg Quinlan is President of Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & GaysPFOX and Executive Director of Equality and Justice For All.

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  • DCM7

    Right — if “gay” and “straight” are equal, why is there so much hatred if someone decides to pursue a life as the latter rather than the former? Because someone’s leaving the “gay” lifestyle shines the light on the fact that “gays” not only can let their lives be changed, but should. And that’s an extremely uncomfortable and inconvenient reality for those who don’t want their lives to be changed, but rather want the world to change to fit their lives.

  • DCM7

    “But as a politically powerful and wealthy constituent group of the Democratic party, gay activists know from their successful gay marriage battles (never won at the ballot box) lobby for homosexual legislation regardless of its effect on society at large.”

    Are there some words missing from the above? Something seems to have been lost between the parenthetical note and “lobby.”

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      That’s how I received it, but you’re right: looks like a few words are missing.

  • thisoldspouse

    Thanks, Greg. It’s always wonderful to hear from someone whom the Gaystapo vehemently labels a fiction. Those like you prove that if even ONE can change, the argument of the homofascists is complete manure. No wonder they despise you so much.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    Thank you for that intelligent and thought provoking comment.

    • WXRGina

      Bob, I am amazed at how concise that comment is. Usually liberals are more verbose with their vitriol.

      • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

        Perhaps that was the most compelling argument he/she/it could summon.

        • WXRGina

          Yes, likely.

        • thisoldspouse

          Kind of like “I waaaaant it!”

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    You cannot separate sexuality from the issue of marriage. As I have explained before, sexuality is central to marriage. To claim otherwise is disingenuous, and an infantile attempt to avoid a truth that decimates the argument for counterfeit marriage.

    Besides, homosexuals already have equality in regard to marriage. They may marry, subject to the same requirements (of legal age, consenting, not a close relative, and of the opposite sex) that heterosexuals have.

    Marriage is far too important to allow it to be counterfeited, and as this article makes clear, any attempt to force acceptance of counterfeit marriage simultaneously attacks liberty.

    • jaytheatheist

      Sorry Bob, in this day and age. marriage has more to do with legal rights then anything else.


      • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

        “This day and age” in 1930s Germany considered slaughtering certain ethnicities to be morally acceptable, too.

        “This day and age” today in certain Middle Eastern countries considers it acceptable to treat women like property and even kill your wife or child if they “dishonor” you.

        “This day and age” in this country considers it acceptable to slaughter your own child, so long as your child hasn’t yet seen the light of day outside the womb (and if you’re Barack Obama, it’s okay to kill it even if it’s seen the light of day, so long as you first attempted to kill the child inside the womb).

        So you see, what is “hip and trendy” in the course of current “wisdom” and “legal rights” to do something frequently has little to do with what is right, moral or logical.

        Just like the insane notion that the attempt of two men or two women to counterfeit marriage should be applauded by society.

        This insanity, too, shall pass.

        • jaytheatheist

          The key difference in the examples that you cite and same sex marriage is that SSM does no harm to others. The fact that two people wish to be recognized by law in no way equates to genocide or Sharia law.


          • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

            As I have pointed out many times, counterfeit marriage devalues the genuine article just like counterfeit currency, harms society and undermines the family, which in turn harms children. Demanding the “right” to counterfeit marriage is the epitome of self- centeredness.

            • jaytheatheist

              There is no proven harm to society. Cite your study but if I refute it with newer studies, then you will need to accept the more current information.


              • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

                There are few direct proofs… because no society in the history of human civilization has been insane enough to call the most important building block of society something it clearly is not. However, there is voluminous proof, as I have repeatedly pointed out, that ANY trend which undermines marriage and the family harms society, especially its most defenseless members : children. Healthy societies do not put fruitless, purposeless self-indulgence ahead of the general welfare.

              • thisoldspouse

                The Netherlands, one of the first countries to legalize same-sex “marriage,” has seen marriage almost disparaged into oblivion since this damaging move in 2001 (a mere 10 years, an eye-blink in trend analysis.) As a result, out-of-wedlock births, what we used to properly call ILLEGITIMATE births, has skyrocketed.

                The causation or correlation of this data is still debatable, but this at least disproves that homosexual “marriage” is beneficial to a society.

          • thisoldspouse

            What’s so laughable, Jay, is that you Leftists seem to think you have the absolute birthright to determine what constitutes “harm” while denying this to others, even those who are objectively harmed.

            And, so, you disparage soldiers who logically shrink from sharing showers, sleeping quarters and latrines with men who are sexually attracted to men as “pansies” (in the words of one of your more famous spokesman, Dan Savage) not fit to serve, while insisting that merely requiring homosexual service members to keep their homosexuality to themselves is “debilitating” and “harmful to military readiness.” I think I see who the real pansies are.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    Wise and mature people can easily recognize potential dangers in new things based on experience with old things.

    Has your car been tested to see what will happen if the brake lines are cut? I doubt very seriously that your particular model of car (and certainly not your individual car) has actually been put to that test. So why don’t I come over to your home and cut your break lines, and let’s see what happens. Game?

    I would venture that no one has ever actually run tests on how the body of your car would hold up if someone dropped a gun safe on it from 10 stories up. If there is no proof that this would be dangerous to an occupant of your car, then certainly you should have no qualms about sitting inside your car while I drop a safe on it to see what happens. I be it would be fun.

    Or not, right?

    An intelligent person doesn’t need to be bitten by a rattle snake to recognize the danger of handling one.

    An intelligent person also recognizes from stupid things people have already done to undermine marriage and family, that allowing someone to counterfeit it and distort it out of recognition in a vain pursuit of sexual validation is only going to make things worse.

    Your self-centered streak is showing, Jay…badly. Please. consider acting responsibly for the sake of your fellow Americans, if not your own sake.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    If counterfeit marriage would not be beneficial to society (which it clearly would not be, since it does absolutely nothing beneficial for society, and performs no useful scientific, biological or practical function), then there is no reason whatosever that society or the state should recognize it, much less provide it any benefit or protected status.

    As I have stated hundreds of time, homosexuals already have the same equal right to marry as heterosexuals enjoy. Equality is already there. Equality does not extend to an imagined right to counterfeit something or call something by a name that clearly does not describe it.

    In the end, there is no scientific, biological practical, societal or moral reason to lend any official recognition to the act of two men or two women sodomizing one another, whether they are committed to continually sodomizing one another or not.

    It’s beyond silly…and very dangerous for society and society’s members, as I have pointed out countless times.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    Sometimes the truth is harsh, especially when one is living in a fantasy world where things are expected which are not only not feasible, but are harmful to themselves and others.

    The “Golden Rule” carries with it the implication that going good to one’s neighbor also means not giving anything to them that would not be good for them. A true friend wouldn’t give a friend some poison, even if they asked for it. A real friend wouldn’t shoot a depressed neighbor, even if they asked for it.

    That is so much more true when the dangerous thing being asked for affects not only the one asking for it, but others as well.

    If homosexuals wanted to sodomize one another in the privacy of their own homes, I doubt anyone is going to stop them (certainly won’t, if others don’t even know it’s going on). If the homosexuals make their behavior know, someone who cares about them might try to advise them about the physical and spiritual dangers of it, but probably isn’t going to try to stop them.

    But when homosexuals insist on the “right” to counterfeit society’s most important building block and institution, they have gone from “live and let live” to an attack on society and those who most depend on societal stability: children. Undermining the stability and well being of society and general, and society’s most defenseless members in specific, is the epitome of selfishness.

    Yes, several nations have allowed this problematic behavior in their armed forces. Every study you have ever read has been prepared in the same manner as the outcome reported by the study done in our military a couple of years ago: it was presented in a manner that stated the desired outcome, regardless of the facts. In other words, though the massive survey done by the DOD showed fraud, revealed massive problems with unit cohesion, readiness and morale, the Obama Administration DOD fatcats reported “no problem foreseen.”

    Meanwhile, we see that no other nation on this planet can come even close to the strength, resilience and readiness of the United States Armed Forces. We’ve also seen serious problems with some, like the Dutch military.

    We are already seeing a multitude of problems occurring in our own military because this behavior is being forced on the military. But the official line is “See, no problems.”

    Just like the “medical” community decided back in the 1970s to de-classify homosexual behavior as a mental problem based not on new research or scientific evidence but purely on political pressure from the homosexual lobby, so we have “no problems” with homosexual behavior in the military.

    When the foxes are writing the reports on the henhouse, no, there are no problems whatsoever.

    Whether it is the military, the family, or society in general, the story is always the same: all considerations must bow to the homosexual agenda. Everyone else must give way to the homosexual activist in his vain attempt to legitimize a behavior that can never be legitimate on any level.

    The self-centeredness is truly amazing.

    • jaytheatheist

      Your analysis of the Golden Rule is incorrect. There is no provision that you are entitled to act as your “brother’s keeper”…

      • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

        Jay, I issued a gentle invitation with my last comment to end this beating of a dead horse. How sad that hou “missed” it, but as is typical with liberals and liberalism, it’ isn’t about respect for others, the welfare of others and the property of others, but rather having your own way.

        I simply don’t have the time to keep beating the same dead horse, and to continually prove how wrong you are, because you’re always going to play the “yeahbut” game. That isn’t cute on spoiled five year olds, and it definitely isn’t cute from an adult.

        And I’m definitely not going to allow your fallacies to stand unchallenged. That’s how so much of society has been duped into believing utter nonsense in the first place-good people said nothing, figuring people would come to their senses, and instead the silence was taken for acquiescence with the lie.

        We’re done on this thread, Jay. Have a good day.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    Marriage and sexuality are pretty simple. Liberals like the “complexity” of “what ifs” and “maybes” and “yeah buts” to create false uncertainty-uncertainty that what is pretty simple is indeed still true.

    The fact is inescapable: there is no scientific, biological, practical or societal benefit from homosexual behavior, and far less from counterfeiting society’s most important institution.

    The truth just doesn’t change, no matter how much we want it to.

  • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

    As I have pointed out countless times, homosexuals ALREADY have the same right to marry someone of the opposite sex that heterosexuals do.

    You do NOT have a right to call a purposeless, biologically incongruent, and societally harmful act “marriage.”

    I think we’ve wasted enough proving the obvious already.

  • thisoldspouse

    The argument that Greg makes is that homosexuality is not innate, not unchangeable, and not a “right.” And if none of these things, then the claim to “marriage” is also fallacious.

  • Jeremy

    HAHAHAHA! The sheer stupidity of this is amazing. What threatens Liberty, is when you treat people worse than others. Forcing your limited view on other people also threatens Liberty. Freedom means do what YOU want, not what others tell you to do.

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Apparently it is you whose stupidity is truly amazing. The author made clear precisely how the homosexual agenda threatens liberty, yet you are so blinded by your own self-centeredness that you can’t grasp the obvious.

      No, freedom does NOT mean licence. Freedom comes with obligations-obligations to do what is good, not what is evil, and obligations not to harm one’s fellow citizens, as counterfeit marriage and the homosexual agenda does.

      Please grow up, for the sake of us all.

    • thisoldspouse

      “Freedom for me, but not for thee,” is the incessant refrain of the homosexual activist. You’ve learned it well.