Her Lyin’ Eyes


Hillary_Clinton_UNThis is gonna be short.  I don’t trust ANY politician.  But this is as blatant as anything I have ever seen from a politician.

Watch Hillary’s eyes.  Take 3 minutes and watch just part of the video of her press conference regarding her emails.  This is spooky.  Do you know ANYONE who would act like this?

Please…watch Hillary here

Watch her eyes.  She fails it make eye contact with anyone in the room during her prepared opening statements.

That was one of the first things I learned in Speech 101 back in my college days.  Eye contact is everything.  If someone does not look you in the eye when they speak with you it is a big tip-off to dishonesty.

The eyes are the windows to the soul, they say.  This woman is soul-less, if not downright possessed.

The entire time she is speaking she appears to be speaking to those in the balcony…although there is no balcony.

She is speaking in a flat conference room.  Yet her eyes NEVER look at the crowd.

This is the most obvious example of lying that I have ever seen.

One can only wonder what else she has lied about…but I think she knows what the emails show.

Something big is going on behind the scenes and it is out of her control.  She can’t lie her way out of this one.  Someone powerful doesn’t want her to be President.  Her goose is cooked and she knows it.

Yet today I saw that 84% of Democrats think she would be a good president.  Are we that deceived?

Have the demons turned on each other?  There is no honor among thieves.

She can’t hide those lyin eyes.

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