Gutless RINOs Work to Lose, Complain That We Lost

defeatFrom the beginning of the serious effort to defund ObamaCare began, led by “non-leader” Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), the gutless RINO establishment of the Republican Party has vehemently opposed getting off their lazy liberal rear ends and actually doing anything beyond empty whining about ObamaCare.

In both the House and Senate, the RINOs, ever cozy with liberals and liberalism while hostile to those in their own party who actually believe in their party’s documented values, have been working in public and behind the scenes to sabotage and undermine any effort to actually kill ObamaCare.

They’ve been scheming since Day One and every step of the way, engineering fake votes where they can claim to be against ObamaCare while doing nothing of substance to defund it.

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From Day One, the “leadership” of the “Republican” Party has broadcast as loudly as possible to President Obama and the Senate Democrats “We aren’t going to fight!” Their clear and almost completely consistent message has been “We know you’re going to beat us, so we aren’t even going to try!”

These brain trusts remind me of the pansies who counsel women to just submit when a rapist tries to rape them; might get hurt if you try to resist.  We’re just supposed to submit to the unconstitutional theft of our liberties perpetrated on us by the Democrats and their socialist health care scheme.

Worthless liberal sycophants like John McCain and others have been mewling “We can’t win, we can’t win, we can’t win!” since before the fight had even begun.

Tell me: how many people go into personal or business negotiations broadcasting their belief in their own defeat? How many people go to buy a car, and as soon as the salesman walks up to them, says, “Look, I know you’re going to outmaneuver me on the price of a car, so I’ll just pay whatever you want.” How many people buy a house by saying, “Great house. I know you’re going to negotiate better than I will, so tell me how much you want for the house and I’ll pay it.” You could see it, after the attack on Pearl Harbor, the Secretary of the Navy, telling the president: “Look, the people of the world have spoken. We got our butts kicked in the Pacific. It’s time for us to tell the Japanese they can do whatever they want.” Couldn’t you just see General Eisenhower telling the president prior to D-Day: “Look, we can’t win this thing, the Germans have the whole continent and they’re just too powerful. We need to surrender now and get the best deal we can.”

This is exactly what the feckless excuse for “leadership” in the “Republican” Party has done in the fight to defund ObamaCare.

We had some rank and file Republicans in both the House and Senate who were genuinely behind the effort to defund ObamaCare. Though we didn’t control the Senate, we had leverage on our side. We had the American people on our side. Even many Democrats agreed and admitted that ObamaCare was a trainwreck.

Still, the Republican “leadership” in the House and Senate negotiated themselves into a loss…into a sellout of the Constitution and the American people.

Apparently there are some rather simple and elementary lessons that most of us learned as children, that the GOP “leadership” has been emasculated into forgetting. Remember the power of “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can”? As my mother used to tell me, “Can’t never could do anything.” If you start off telling yourself you can’t, you won’t.

So the gutless RINO “leadership” has led us into yet another defeat–one that didn’t have to happen. Once again, these gutless wonders have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory, and engineered their own prophesied loss.

Yeah, “We couldn’t win.” We couldn’t win because our gutless “leadership” was Hell-bent on making sure we lost.

Time to throw these worthless SOBs out of OUR congress, and demand new GOP leadership in the House and Senate. They are NOT serious about their oath to defend the Constitution, and they are not serious about representing the American people.

I was thinking about this last night, too, while I was pondering if I can ever remember a greater political disaster in my lifetime, if I could ever remember a time when a political party just made a decision not to exist for all intents and purposes.

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  • Ronald Shultz

    You seem to think putting more gasoline on the fire will put it out. You could not win, Obama would not fold, you are a fool if you think he would. No Obama fold and your side was getting blamed. What to do? I guess you would have defaulted because some idiot told you it was not a bad idea. Now let’s get on to immigration reform so you guys can reject it and give 90% Latino vote to Dems.

    • Bob Ellis

      We could win. It could have been a relatively easy win. But when your leadership is falling all over themselves in desperation to fold, it makes winning rather hard.

      If we had defaulted, it would have been Obama’s choice (just as it was his choice to shut down the government) because it has already been established that we have enough money coming in to still pay debt payments and other “mandatory” spending as well as most discretionary spending, and the executive branch has the latitude to prioritize those payments.

      If Obama had been dumb enough to take it there, it would have been 100% his fault. Republicans instead chose to listen to the “mainstream” Leftist media. Rather like the generals in World War II listening to Tokyo Rose for advice. Pathetic.

      Real Republicans will continue to expose these feckless collaborators with one of two purposes: to shame them into pulling their heads out of their posteriors, or to inform the American people so that they will know clearly who to toss out in the next election.

      So tell me: why is a Canadian so zealous to see America go down the road of socialist mediocrity?

  • algebra

    they didn’t have the votes. the best way to defeat Obamacare is to have it fail on its own. Once people start experiencing the impact, they’ll get it. I don’t want to see any delays. The mandates will hurt, but most people won’t believe it until they feel the pain.

    • Bob Ellis

      They could have forced the votes, if only they’d acted confidently. Broadcasting a defeatist attitude as the leadership did is the best way to ensure that you’ll lose.

      I can only hope you’re right that the outcry will turn into a mind-splitting roar (apparently nothing less will get through to these gutless RINOs) once people start to feel the real ObamaCare.

      What I’m afraid of, however, is that it will breed more dependency quickly, and we’ll never get rid of this monstrosity.