Gov. Daugaard Statement on Counterfeit Marriage

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard had this to say about the U.S. Supreme Court’s rogue opinion on counterfeit marriage:

“I would have preferred for this change to come through the democratic process, rather than the courts,” said Gov. Daugaard. “We are a nation of laws, and the state will follow the law. I will be working with the Attorney General to ascertain what this ruling means for state and local governments.”

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard

South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard

If the state of South Dakota follows the law, then there will continue to be no counterfeit marriage in our state, because the law has not changed.

All that has changed in reality today is that a majority of U.S. Supreme Court justices have tried to force their perverted will on the American people, in violation of the Article 1 Section 8 and the Tenth Amendment limits on federal authority. No bill authorizing counterfeit marriage has been passed by the constitutionally-appointed legislative bodies of either South Dakota or the United States, and no bill has been signed into law by the constitutionally-appointed executive who is authorized to sign bills into law.

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All citizens–including the elected representatives of the people–have a moral and legal duty to refuse unlawful edicts passed down by those who lack the authority to issue such edicts. Those who founded the United States did–should we do any less?

If Governor Dennis Daugaard, Attorney General Marty Jackley, and every other state official in South Dakota has any guts, any moral fortitude whatsoever, then it is clear what “following the law” means, and that means: no counterfeit marriage in South Dakota.

Remember, rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God (and by inference, obedience to tyrants is rebellion to God).

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