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Gordon Howie: Most Conservative in All the Races

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American_flagDavid Montgomery has a very interesting post at the Argus Leader about the ideological gap of Democrat versus Republican candidates in several U.S. Senate races.

In the South Dakota, RINO Mike Rounds comes in about where you’d expect: the mushy middle at +52 on their scale, while Democrat Rick Weiland comes in at -41.

Of course, I don’t know how much of this scale is determined by what the candidate says versus what they actually do. To hear Mike Rounds tell it, he’s bigtime conservative…even though he vetoed South Dakota’s first abortion ban, increased the size of government during his time as governor, left the state with a $127 million structural deficit, has already joined the “surrender caucus” in not fighting ObamaCare, and resisted efforts to fight ObamaCare during his last days as governor. If you go by actual record, I suspect he wouldn’t be nearly as conservative as he appears to be in relation to Weiland.

Republican-running-as-an-Independent Gordon Howie comes in at +79, about which the article says:

more conservative than any Republican candidate running in a competitive Senate race this cycle.

The gap between Howie and Rounds is 27 points; the gap between Howie and Weiland is 120 points, which would be the biggest gap of all these races.

Since it was conservative values that founded our great nation and made it the fantastic success it has been until recently, it’s pretty clear who is the best prescription to send to Washington D.C. to get our nation off this self-destructive course and back on the path of greatness.

If you want to finish the job of turning America into a socialist dungheap, you can vote for the Democrat, or even Larry Pressler (there isn’t much difference between the two).

If you like the somewhat slower slide into oblivion being offered by the gutless RINO establishment, you can vote for Mike Rounds.

Or if you consider the founder’s vision for our nation-the one that made us the greatest nation in history-you can vote for Gordon Howie for U.S. Senate.

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