GOP Candidates Graded on Common Core

Common_Core_candidatesIf Common Core educational standards are important to you (as they are to most conservatives), then this article from The Hill is must-read information for you.

The American Principles in Action group graded the Republican presidential candidates on their support for or opposition to the controversial educational standards that the big-government types are trying to shove down our throats. American Principles in Action is opposed to Common Core, so a high score means the candidate opposes the standards, while a low score means the candidate is behind the standards.

The only presidential candidates to come away with an “A” were Ted Cruz and Rand Paul .

Ted Cruz 2016


Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal scored well. He’s suing the federal government to get his state rid of its clutches, but his score was brought down because he was a supporter of the standards, early on.  I don’t so much hold the early support against him, since they were initially billed as something they really aren’t.  But for a candidate to continue to back them at this stage, after a few years of information has now come out about them, well, that shows us where the real Koolaid drinkers are.

Jeb Bush and John Kasich are the clear Koolaid drinkers on Common Core. In fact, most of the low-scorers on Common Core tend to score low when it comes to big-government “solutions” in general.

If you believe conservative policy decisions (which reflect the traditional values that made America the greatest nation in history) are the ones needed to restore America to health and greatness, then the choice in the 2016 presidential race is very clear.

Ted Cruz: A-

Rand Paul: A-

Bobby Jindal: B+

Lindsey Graham: B

Rick Perry: B

Rick Santorum: B

Ben Carson: B-

Donald Trump: B-

Carly Fiorina: C+

Mike Huckabee: C

Marco Rubio: C

Chris Christie: D+

Scott Walker: D+

Jeb Bush: F

John Kasich: F

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