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Do God’s Values Kill People?

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Homosexual activists protesting at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

Homosexual activists protesting at the Values Voter Summit in Washington D.C.

After the end of the afternoon session of the Values Voter Summit today, my friend and I-Dale Bartscher, Executive Director of the Family Heritage Alliance-went out for a bite to eat before the evening session.

As you may know, there was some excitement at the summit earlier today, courtesy of the Left (turns out that Dale was right behind one of the protesters this morning and helped control him as Secret Service agents, there to protect Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan, took charge of the situation.

But when Dale and I walked across the street from the Omni Shoreham Hotel where the conference is being held, we saw some protesters with the banner displayed here.  As you can see, their message is that Christian values are killing them.

When Dale talked to one of the protesters, the man said that the Family Research Council is a “hate group” (a SPLC-bestowed honor that my own company enjoys), and that Tony Perkins had displayed the temerity to compare homosexual behavior to drug or alcohol abuse.

I have no idea whether Perkins has actually said this or not, but even if he has, it is a legitimate comparison.  As a former drunk, I can tell you that there are many similarities in these addictive and self-destructive behaviors. Both lead the participant to feel good for a short time, and the participant feels they are making their lives better by engaging in these activities…even as they destroy their own physical health and spiritual well-being. Of course, when you’re in the middle of an addiction, you are completely blind to this.

The truth of their banner should actually be, “Our own values are killing us.” How do I know this? It isn’t based on any spin, bias, prejudice, bigotry or “hate.” It is based on science and medical data which makes clear that the human body was not designed for homosexual acts.

Further, there are multiple elevated health risks associated with homosexual behavior, and these have been documented by a number of health agencies around the world including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). These health hazards include AIDS (with an infection rate vastly in excess of the heterosexual community, even though homosexuals only make up 2.9% of the population), gonorrhea, syphilis, HPV, anal cancer, hepatitis, depression, anxiety, substance abuse, suicide, and domestic violence. Homosexuals end up seeking medical treatment far more than heterosexuals, studies in both the United States and Canada have found that the average lifespan of a homosexual is 20 years less than a heterosexual, and there is a connection between homosexual behavior and dysfunctional homes. Health risks associated with homosexual behavior are so serious, homosexuals have been banned from donating blood for decades.

The truth is, God loves homosexuals too much to fail to warn them about the physical and spiritual dangers of this behavior-just as he does with drunks, liars, thieves, murderers, gossips, and so forth. God loves ALL of us sinners so much, he sent his sinless Son Jesus to die in our place so that we might find new life and redemption in Him.

No, it is the values of pop-culture that are killing these people, but Jesus offers life-both in this realm and in the one to come.

We can only hope and pray that they will face that truth before it is too late.

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