Why ‘Gay Marriage’ is Evil

marriageLogic is the cognitive pathway to truth. While to err is human, when we objectively apply logic to the question at hand, we at least endeavor, if done so in good faith, to arrive at the truth of the matter.

Jesus is the spiritual, and the very narrow, pathway to Truth, which is Himself. He invented logic. It’s a tool that helps us to observe, study and to otherwise uncover the many mysteries veiled beneath His awesome natural order.

Truth is universal. It applies to everyone, including to the relativist who might prefer wandering aimless and far removed from logic’s narrow path, the wilderness of spiritual death.

It remains true for all, for instance, that if one leaps from the Sears Tower, one will, absent some intervening salvation, splat below like a ripe tomato. Whether we like it or not, this is the natural order of things.

The question at hand is this: What exactly is “same-sex marriage”?

Let’s do an exercise in logic.

In order to determine that which something is, it is sometimes helpful to first explore that which it is not. Hence, we can delineate that which is “gay marriage” by first understanding marriage itself. Jesus defined marriage for us. His definition is reflected in the spiritual, biological and in-every-other-way-self-evident order of His divinely defined design.

Declared Jesus: “‘Haven’t you read,’ he replied, ‘that at the beginning the Creator “made them male and female,” and said, “For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and the two will become one flesh”? So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate’” (Matthew 19:4-6).

Rather conspicuously, and as I’ve noted before, Jesus did not say: “At the beginning the Creator made them lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT). For this reason a male, female or shemale will leave his, her or whatchahoozie’s father and mother, father and father or mother and mother and be united to his or her wife – and/or husband – and the two or more will become one flesh. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.”

Marriage illustration

Marriage illustration

Here, and as I’ve likewise explained, is what marriage is: “Marriage is the God-ordained, lifelong, covenantal union between man and wife, designed to provide men, women and children optimal stability and overall well-being. Marriage is that biologically, spiritually and morally centered institution calculated to ensure responsible procreation and perpetuate the human race. Marriage, real marriage, represents the fundamental cornerstone of any healthy society (any society that hopes to survive, at least).

“Here’s what marriage is not:

“Anything else.”

And so the notion of “same-sex” marriage is a self-defeating proposition. “Gay marriage” is not marriage at all.

Yet it is something.

But what?

From o’er the big pond, the Daily Mail offers insight: “Two male witches have tied the knot in the U.K.’s first pagan same-sex marriage.

“Tom Lanting, 34, and Iain Robertson, 39, who have been together for 12 years, were married in a ceremony in the 16th-century vaulted cellars of Marlin’s Wynd in Edinburgh. …

“The couple, who live in the Scottish capital, are both described as being hedge witches, who use herbal remedies to deal with medical and spiritual ailments.

“The ceremony encompassed a number of pagan traditions, including handfasting, where their hands were bound together, the sharing of mead and jumping the broom. …

“‘The new equal marriage law means that we finally have equal recognition and acceptance of our relationship, and it opens the door for all LGBTI couples to take the same step,’ the men said. …

“Louise Park, the presiding officer for the Pagan Federation (Scotland), conducted the ceremony.”

“We feel that, if any couple wish to, they should be able to make their marriage vows before their own personal Gods, friends and family, in a religious ceremony tailored to suit their own beliefs,” she told the Daily Mail.

Paganism is the antithesis of biblical Christianity, but it mustn’t be too lightly grasped or narrowly defined. It is far more broadly characterized than the overt hocus pocus practiced by Tom and Iain. In truth, any religious tradition, or no tradition at all, that falls beyond the Judeo-Christian Bible is, by default, paganism.

The opposite of truth is the lie. If Christianity embodies absolute truth, which it does, then paganism embodies the absolute lie. If Christianity is of God, who is truth, then paganism is of Satan, who is the father of lies. Satan is the “personal god” of paganism in all of its deceptive and Christ-mocking manifestations.

Counterfeit marriage illustration (two bolts)

Counterfeit marriage illustration (two bolts)

So, to be clear, and when measured against Christ’s unambiguous and biologically affirmed definition of marriage, all “same-sex marriages” are “pagan marriages.” They are “mock marriages” insofar as they mock both real marriage and the Christ who created it.

Moreover, the very thing that defines “gay marriage,” the biologically and spiritually disordered act of same-sex sodomy, likewise mocks God’s design for natural sexual intercourse. The Bible, throughout both the Old and New Testaments, unambiguously condemns as sin rising to the level of “an abomination,” all same-sex sexual conduct, be it, “loving, monogamous and committed,” or otherwise.

Homosexuality is mock sexuality.

And “gay marriage” is mock marriage.

So, again, and lest there be any uncertainty as to where I’m going with all this, “same-sex marriage” is evil – always and without exception. It is centrally defined by the sin of Sodom, which is expressly wicked conduct. All good things come from God the Father, and all wickedness comes from the father of lies. If God designed biblical marriage and natural human sexuality, and He did, then we are left no doubt as to who designed its counterfeit – as to who fabricated pagan “gay marriage” and otherwise perverted God’s perfect purposes for human sexuality.

“Gay marriage” is Satanic.

It’s only logical.

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  • DCM7

    “The couple, who live in the Scottish capital, are both described as being hedge witches, who use herbal remedies to deal with medical and spiritual ailments.”
    Sounds like they need to learn what a “spiritual ailment” actually is!

  • retiredday

    All logical arguments are subject to the acceptance or rejection of one’s basic premise. Today one of the reasons the idea of “Gay Marriage” is apparently gaining in acceptance is that your basic premise is being increasingly rejected in popular thought. Replacing the foundational Biblical concept that we are created by God and subject to his moral instructions, many today hold to secular world views — that God is not real and that morality is a relative thing. Otherwise intelligent, educated, logical people will not appreciate your logic because they have rejected God, the Bible and spiritual reality — our very premise for marriage.

    When dealing with this type of rejection of truth, we need to challenge the premises of their secular world views by demonstrating how they fail to meet the needs of real people living in the real world. Each world view (and their weaknesses) can be understood by asking 3 questions. 1) How does their world view say we got “here”? [The Biblical answer is that God created us.]; 2) What does their world view say went wrong (or needs to be corrected) with “here”? [The Bible tells us sin separated us from God.]; and 3) How does their world view say “here” can be fixed? [Bible believers look to their Redeemer.]

    Creation, the Fall and Redemption make up the framework of our Biblical world view. It is superior in all ways for real people living in the real world to have real meaning, purpose and significance in their lives. It does not break down, where secular world views fail every time. Those who enter into same-sex marriages have fallen prey to a deceitful world view. Their “blindness” will cause them self-injury. They think it is traditional moralists who are condemning them, but that isn’t the real problem. The real problem is that their Creator condemns what they are doing of their free will. He loves them and wants them to obey him. But he doesn’t force anyone to do that. He waits to forgive those who come to him willingly for forgiveness. And then, he truly forgives.