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Make Fun of the Birth Certificate Request Long Enough & It Will Go Away?

May 30, 2012   ·   By   ·   3 Comments

Obama Administration Birth Certificate Release

Obama Administration Birth Certificate Release

I saw a smart-Alec comment on Twitter today, suggesting the request for Obama’s certified birth certificate is a ridiculous request made only by ridiculous people. It ticked me off more than usual. I’m thinking that is because I see what is going on — or believe I do — and actually quite sure I do. I don’t like it.

Make the requesters look like fools for asking in the first place.

Make it look like the request is old news and already solved and taken care of, but the so-called birthers simply won’t let it go.

Make it “look like” (rather than having taken place), because it isn’t a resolved issue.

President Obama & his band of handlers would have (could have) put all this to rest years ago by simply providing a certified copy of his birth certificate (rather than playing games and then merely providing a live birth piece of paper that actually isn’t the same thing as per proof of birth location & proof of being delivered in the USA).

They could have.

Why didn’t they?

Either Obama really does have something to hide or he and his handlers saw at the onset that this was a good little tool to make opposition look like fools, look paranoid and bunches of other negatives thrown into the pot. However, it really doesn’t. The PR just tries to play it all off that way.

If I have to show a certified copy of my birth certificate to get a driver’s license, I would think I have a right to expect my president to show his birth certificate to prove he is who he says he is as well. I mean, he is at the wheel of the entire country taking us wherever (even if we don’t want to go), whereas, I’m only asking permission to be at the wheel of my car and drive myself (and willing passengers) down a public roadway.

Likewise, don’t people getting benefits and assistance have to show their certified copy of a birth certificate? Why?

I mean, why is the certified copy of birth certificate important for a few groceries, lights, gas & water, but not so important if you want to be the President of the United States?

More importantly, why doesn’t President Obama & his handlers understand that he is disrespecting everyone else who must show their birth certificate for even the littlest of situations in comparison, while being mocked for asking him to do so as well?

It’s probably because they (Obama & handlers) think they are better than us.

They probably also think the question will either finally go away, or people who dared (and continue to dare) ask, will be made fun of enough that no one will take them seriously anymore.

That’s what they think.

I think the truth will come to light, as will the reasons for this little game of hide & seek the birth certificate!

The search for truth will not readily go away!

It really won’t!

Sometimes it just takes patience to out-wait the arrogance!

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  • James P. Delaney

    Precisely. And, so far, it has been working like a charm. The issue will not be properly, deliberately, and objectively examined until well after Barry’s out of our hair. In the meantime, and without proper resolution, we run the risk of further eligibility violations by folks on BOTH sides of the aisle, e.g. Romney’s tapping Rubio as VP. My hope is that before Romney chooses Rubio that he seeks an advisory opinion from SCOTUS re Rubio’s constitutional eligibility, failing which I simply will not be able to vote in November. I cannot knowingly violate the Constitution, no matter how menacing another 4 yrs of Obama is. Clearly, many other voters share this principled position.

  • retiredday

    Sometimes a good bluff can win a poker hand. But if you bluff too often, people catch on. Obama’s bluff is predicated on the image, that he is indeed, better than we are. And his followers are willing to drink the Kool-Aid. Witness the teacher who recently told her student he could be arrested for criticizing the President. Those who would wrest power from a free people always ridicule the search for factual information about them. And the “true believers” follow suit, because to them their hero is beyond reproach. For such an obviously great leader, there is no need for pedestrian paper trails such as birth certificates, medical or school records. Yes, everyone else needs those things when we apply for a job or a loan or insurance or just about anything that involves bureaucrats, but not Obama (OWHNI). He’s above all that.

    • WXRGina

      Mike, you speak the truth about the “golden child” (prison be upon him).

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