Why Is Fox News So White?


Fox_Lauren_GreenIs it any wonder that America thinks that all blacks are liberals?  Can you name one black conservative who is a consistent, recognizable face on Fox News?

They have their standard list of “conservatives” that they parade out every time they need someone to give the “conservative” point of view.  But for the life of me I cannot think of one black face, other than Juan Williams, that I associate with Fox News.  Can you?

Conservatives often complain about how monolithic the black vote is yet they don’t offer up even one black face that might be able to clearly articulate the conservative message.  Oh, they may have a black guest every now and then to bolster the Republican agenda, but there is not one consistent black conservative in their entire lineup.

Why is that?

Other cable outlets present flame-throwing socialist blacks to make the argument for the atheistic cabals at MSNBC and CNN.  They openly promote an anti-God agenda.  They are proud of it.  MSNBC and CNN present the most far-left activists as guests on their programs; many of them with black faces. They openly stir the racial strife.

At a time when black Americans are looking for answers to the problems facing America, what dark face do they turn to on Fox to validate the conservative leanings that they may have?  Certainly the marketing gurus at Fox understand that the nation has many blacks that live according to conservative principles.  Where do they turn to for validation of what they believe?

Why is Fox News so white?

Pastor Jonathan Gentry’s video regarding Ferguson has gone viral.  He is giving a Christian-conservative solution to America’s condition.  His thoughts represent the views of the average Fox News audience.

New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson has also become an internet sensation with his solution to America’s problems.  Watson said that America’s problem was “sin” not “skin.”  That seems like a fair and balanced opinion to me.

Political Conservatives really don’t believe much differently than political progressives.  Both believe that Government is the answer to America’s problems.  Conservatives and progressives both invoke the name of God.  They just differ on WHICH God, and exactly what His role is.  Some progressives claim to be Christians and some conservatives don’t.  Conservatism is no more a religious position than progressivism is.  Both trust in man, with the help of God, to solve our problems.

A vast majority of black Americans would claim Christianity as their religious affiliation, yet 95% vote for the progressive party.  How can that be?  Could it be that they associate “conservative” with “white”?

How does “conservative” Fox News counter this obvious misrepresentation?  Juan Williams.  He is the “house negro” who presents the “black perspective” to Fox viewers.  Help me here: where are Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell, Jesse Peterson, Mychal Massie, and Alan West making their “conservative” arguments to black America?

Al Sharpton has his own show on MSNBC.  Where is Fox’s black-conservative program host to counter his bilge?  I find it odd that we haven’t heard much from Alan Keyes since he left the Republican Party.  I suspect he is “too Christian” and not “Republican” enough for them.

Oh, did I mention that the two recent heroes Jonathan Gentry and Benjamin Watson are black?  Did I mention that both black men offered Jesus as the solution to America’s problems?  Doesn’t Fox know how many blacks agree with Gentry and Watson?  Of course they do.  That’s why they don’t have any strong black-Christian hosts.  The Republican Party wants “conservatives” carrying their water, not Christians, and certainly not black ones.

Have you ever noticed how “Republican” Fox News is?  If you are a young black American who is beginning to question the direction this nation is heading, is there anyone on Fox News that you feel represents your views?  Deny it all you want, but even the president referred to race when he spoke about his son looking like Trayvon Martin.  Skin color does matter; especially to blacks.

When was the last time that you watched a strong, unashamed, black-Christian make a political argument from a Christian perspective on Fox News?  A well articulated, clearly explained Christian position is hard to refute.  Why do we not hear it?  Are there no black voices that can make the argument?  Why doesn’t Fox go looking for one?

Quick now, who does Fox present to make the case for conservatism?  Occasionally they’ll offer up a token black conservative on one of their shows, but the message is very clear to black America: conservatism is a white political agenda and Republicans are a white-only party.

Why is Fox News so white?

Benjamin Watson and Jonathan Gentry spoke more truth in 10 minutes than 17 hours of the O’Reilly Factor.  Blacks listened to Gentry and Watson.  Most blacks don’t give O’Reilly the time of day.

Despite what Sharpton, Obama, and Holder want you to believe, most blacks live their lives as Christian conservatives.  But the way they vote does not represent the way they live.

Does Fox News really want to heal the racial divide?  Would they truly like to see the races come together?  Is it possible that both sides of the debate are making money off of the false black/white divide?  Does Fox really want to draw black, conservative viewers?

O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta, Kelly, Cavuto, Judge Jeanine, Bair, Kilmeade, Hasselbeck, Doocey, Morris, Koolman, Carlson, Wallace, Krauthamer, Hume, Huckabee, The Five…

Juan Williams.

Who do you think would draw more black voters to Fox, Mike Huckabee or Alan West?

Why is Fox News so white?

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  • retiredday

    The fact of the matter is that Fox News is not conservative. It is futile to expect them to accurately represent conservatism or conservatives. They actively contribute to the media-wide obfuscation of the meaning of true conservatism. They give away their politically correct slant by claiming to be “fair and balanced”. A news agency ostensibly reports on the news. News items SHOULD be factual and objective. How do you balance objective facts with “fairness”?

    That so-called fairness works this way: Those who do nothing to earn it get the same as those who have worked their butts off. And unless you belong to a specially entitled group, you can work your butt off and never get what they do.

    Of course Fox isn’t really referring to news at all. They are referring to political views. But they focus most of their reporting on two simplistic views: Republican and Democrat. But there’s a lot of other views they ignore. I think most Americans are not for the status quo, and I think most Americans are not globalists. Most Americans are concerned about our own, national problems. We want to be free to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, just as our government was designed to do.

    The conservative view of government is that it should give everyone the freedom to take responsibility for themselves. The conservative view does not look to government or government programs to make life what it should be for everyone. It looks to freedom. That’s what our Constitution was designed to do.

    If you don’t get my point, think about this: Those who support the murder of unborn children claim they only want “freedom of choice”, which is given significant political capital. But when it comes to Obamacare, the idea of freedom of choice is scoffed at. My point isn’t just against Obamacare. My point is that the political principle of FREEDOM is totally lost to the media, including Fox News. They are not doing conservatives any good.