In the effort to be civil in conduct, many who know better actually dilute firmly held views to avoid appearing “judgmental.” They curb their tongues not only in form but also in substance. The insistence on civility in the form of our debates has the perverse effect of cannibalizing our principles, the very essence of a civil society. — U.S. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas


Former Rounds Supporter Not Impressed

February 11, 2013   ·   By   ·   7 Comments

Mike Rounds

Mike Rounds

Former South Dakota Governor Mike Rounds is the favorite of all the RINOs and RINO apologists in the 2014 race for Senator Tim Johnson’s (D-SD) U.S. Senate seat. But some of those who supported him in the past probably won’t be doing so in the future.

From KOTA:

Tonchi Weaver, a Republican who helped campaign and voted for Rounds when he ran for governor in 2003, says she’s not impressed with Rounds or his ability to balance the budget.

“He told us how much he reviles bureaucracy at the federal level but our state bureaucracy grew actually under his administration,” said Weaver. “That’s something he’s going to have to reconcile with during the time he’s running for U.S. Senate.”

When Mike Rounds slid into the governorship back in 2002, it was not because he was the best Republican candidate-not even remotely. No, the two best candidates, Steve Kirby and Mark Barnett, wiped each other out in a very nasty primary campaign that became a poster child for the old nuclear doctrine of MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction). After the “mainstream” media convinced the public that it should get tired of all the “mudslinging” and “nastiness,” RINO Rounds was the last-man-standing and slid into the primary win…which in South Dakota generally means he also won the general election at that time, too.

Over the course of the next eight years, we saw typical “moderate” type “leadership” from Rounds, ranging from his veto of a major pro-life bill in 2004 to his decision to provide taxpayer funded STD vaccinations for certain types of the human papillomavirus (HPV) to the aforementioned growth in government.

Would Mike Rounds be better than Tim Johnson?  Definitely. Would he uphold Republican values and principles? If it suited him…and that’s not a good Republican. America is in dire straits, and we don’t have time for screwing around with politicians who aren’t serious about upholding the values with which they have aligned themselves to get elected-much less serious about restoring the American values that work.

KOTA Territory News

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  • charliewalksonwater

    “If it suited him”. Just what our state and country needs, republican light. Where, oh where, is a suitable conservative candidate? I wont vote for Rounds, nor will i vote for any more moderates, period, and that includes Thune and Noem. They may not be tired of compromise, but I will not compromise again.

  • Mike

    Rounds is the best bet for SD. I hope he runs because our country needs him. He’s not the most conservative guy out there but it’s hard to argue that he’s a liberal. Especially when Kristi Noem was enthusiastically voting for his budgets.

    • Bob Ellis

      Growing government = liberal position

      Killing pro-life legislation = liberal position

      Taxpayer funding for things that can be fixed for $0.00 by behaving responsibly = liberal position

      We can do way, way better than RINO Rounds.

  • Mike

    Who is the ideal alternative to Rounds in the GOP? And remember this person has to be able to win.

    • Bob Ellis

      Take a look at any Republican-especially any with state-wide name recognition-who consistently upholds Republican principles. That’s the ideal alternative to Mike Rounds.

      Granted, there are far too few of them, given the current RINO infestation, but they are out there.

      The person who can win is the one who has consistently upheld Republican values and principles (because they will have the solid backing of the Republican base that actually believes Republican principles are the best principles) and who can boldly articulate those principles to the general public (because selling the Republican vision with confidence-like you actually believe in it-coupled with a track record that PROVES you believe in it, will inspire the general public to support such a candidate).

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