For American Christians, Hope Amidst the Tide of Evil

American_flagAs every pastor worth his calling would have done yesterday, two days after the supreme insult to the Creator rendered by five black-robed tyrants against His institution of marriage, my pastor spoke not only of America and all we have to be thankful for (yes, Independence Day is coming up later this week, and despite the best efforts of the Left to turn it into a lawless hellhole, it remains, for now, the best nation on earth), but also of this miscarriage of law and morality.

If your pastor already did his duty and spoke to this evil, then you are blessed. But even if you did, if you are a God-loving patriot, you might still want to take the time to listen to this sermon in which Dr. Richard Wells (one of the greatest preachers and teachers I’ve ever had the privilege of learning from) starts by reading a piece on “I Am America” before sharing some thoughts on recent travesties in America, and sharing some hope for those who put their trust in their Creator amidst the decay of a fallen world.

The “I Am America” piece is one I’ve heard before, but I don’t know for sure who the author is. I couldn’t find it online, so Dr. Wells may be the author and I may have heard him read it before during some other Independence Day sermon.  The piece covers America’s history and so many of the unique things about America. Then he offered some counsel for Christians in an America that is on the verge of hating and outlawing the philosophy that created it.

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He counseled:

  1. Let’s hope like Christians
  2. Let’s pray like Christians
  3. Let’s live like Christians
    1. Let’s stand for Christ
    2. Let’s love like Christ
    3. If and when necessary, let’s die like Christ

Finally, he said something that anyone who knows my level of political involvement over the past 20 years might be stunned to know that I agree with 100%: Our first responsibility as Christians is to lift up the name of Jesus. What does it profit us if we gain the whole world, yet lose our soul?

Indeed, America would  never have been born without those who are dedicated to Jesus Christ, and without Jesus Christ, America has absolutely zero hope of success, or likely even survival.

Click here to listen.

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