The U.S. Democratic Party – Stuck on Stupid: Determined to Destroy the United States of America

From Americans for Limited Government

The Democratic Party as a whole has moved more then ever towards liberalism, or progressivism if you prefer. This author will say the Democrats are stuck on stupid. Read on and judge for yourself.

There is a U.S. government shut down looming very near, April 29th in fact. Why are the Democrats so invested in a government shut down? Well, you see – the Democrats are apposed to Trump’s desire to fund a wall on the U.S. Southern border. The Dems are also vigorously apposed to defunding Planned Parenthood – and any increase in military spending.

The Democratic Party once represented itself as the party of the people, now they are the party out for themselves.

The Border Wall

The Democrats, (and anyone who supports them) in apposing a border wall SUPPORT the following:

Illegal immigration, which includes hardened criminals, drug smugglers, terrorists, gangs, and freeloaders.

Illegal immigrants who come to the U.S. and then have the gall to demand THEIR rights, (whatever they think those may be) while living on the fat of the land – I.E., YOUR tax dollars.

Woodrow Wilcox


Illegal immigrants (especially in border states) consuming vast resources including but not limited to: medical care, welfare, food stamps, and free education to name a few.

Planned Parenthood

The Demoncrats (oops, typo) are determined that the U.S. government MUST financially support Planned Parenthood. This means that U.S. taxpayer dollars are being spent to subsidize the murder of babies. Abortion constitutes the bulk of what Planned Parenthood does, besides dissecting babies and selling their body parts. Abortion is murder, and is directly against God’s will for us. Aborted babies are literally torn apart, one piece at a time, and these poor babies FEEL what is being done to them. WHY are we as a nation supporting this horrible atrocity?


Military Spending

The Demwits (another typo) are also very much against any increase in military spending. The U.S. has aging aircraft that are grounded, because there are no parts to fix them any longer, or the aircraft have been cannibalized to repair other aircraft. Updates to our Naval fleet cannot be performed, because there is insufficient money to do so. Ground warfare equipment is in serious disrepair and or aging fast, again – no money to replace and repair much needed military equipment. Barack Obama did a fantastic job of down sizing (more like destroying) the U.S. military and the Democrats want it to stay that way.

The Democratic Bottom Line and What It Means to You

So, what is the bottom line in what the Democrats are supporting, or not supporting?

The bottom line is simply this: the Democrats are ensuring the destruction of the United States of America, from within.

The Dems are apposed to funding a wall on the U.S. Southern border, basically they are saying to America that they are not interested in keeping us safe. They have more important things to worry about then YOUR safety, like pushing the homosexual agenda for instance. By extension, the Dems are also saying (and they do) they support the sanctuary cities inside the U.S. If you are a rapist, a criminal, hey – come to our sanctuary city, we will thwart immigration law and allow you to stay. After all – the rights of the illegal immigrant or refugee are more important then your safety and security as a citizen of this country right? That is how the Democrats see it…

The Democrats also support the “right” to murder our own children – not only that but they whole-heartedly support financing the wholesale slaughter of innocent babies in the womb. A baby is a gift from God, not a thing to be gotten rid of, torn limb from limb and disposed of in the trash or sold for parts.

No increase in defense spending, so in other words the Democrats are all for a weak military, and a U.S. that possibly could NOT defend itself if ever attacked. North Korea comes into view here for sure. A strong military is a deterrent, but said military must also be funded. The safety of our nation as a whole comes into play here, but obviously the Demwits do not think so.

To the Democratic (progressive and communistic) way of thinking – rather than the safety and security of the people, rather than having moral standards and obeying God – it is FAR more important to: appease vindictive Muslim terrorists, protect criminals and drug dealers who happen to be illegal immigrants, push the homosexual agenda, kowtow to world leaders and blame the U.S. for what ails the world, and secure the freedom to do anything one’s heart desires. Oh – and lets not forget we MUST not offend anyone, EVER – regardless of the cost to our nation. This would of course be Political Correctness. Political Correctness is necessary at ANY cost – be it your own safety, the removal of your rights, character assassination to silence a dissenting voice, ETC.

Why I ask you would anyone in their right mind vote for these people? The Democrats of today are NOT looking out for the people of the U.S. They are looking out for themselves despite the people’s wishes. The Democrats can strut and speak loftily all they want – their aim is in fulfilling their own desires, not the will of the people. The only people voting for these liberal malcontents are those with their hand in the tiller.

The Democrats at one time were an honorable party. Now – the Dems are simply communists in disguise looking to improve their own future at the expense of the common man. All the while foisting the illegitimate desires of the few; LGBTQ, George Soros, the Clinton political machine, the Obamas, the U.N., and others on decent hard working people.

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  • Kevin

    “The Democrats at one time were an honorable party. Now – the Dems are
    simply communists in disguise looking to improve their own future at the
    expense of the common man”
    What more needs to be said? Except to remind you that the Republicans (some of them) are JUST as BAD!