Fierce Battle for Marriage Rages in Illinois

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marriageThe militant homosexual radicals have set their sights on the State of Illinois in their quest to pervert the definition of marriage.  In their campaign to overturn the law in Illinois that correctly defines marriage as between a man and a woman, they are maligning the Christian conservatives who are defending what any rational person knows—that there is not, and can never be, any such thing as a homosexual marriage union.

This week, I got two e-mails from Brad Wallace, who works with Peter LaBarbera at Americans for Truth About Homosexuality (AFTAH).  One e-mail was from the Illinois Family Institute, and the other was from the homosexual activist group Equality Illinois.  The two messages were polar opposites and clearly illustrated this intense battle between good and evil.  Oh, yes, those most certainly are the two sides. The report from the Illinois Family Institute states,

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“As we reported a few weeks ago, two lawsuits were recently filed in Cook County by the ACLU and Lambda Legal seeking to overturn Illinois’ marriage law defining marriage as the union of one man and one woman.  The ban is being challenged by 25 same-sex couples who were turned away when they tried to get marriage licenses from the Cook County Clerk’s office.  Furthermore, the elected Illinois officials who should be defending the marriage laws have announced that they not only will not defend the laws, but will seek to intervene to have the laws declared unconstitutional.”

So, here we have the same behavior from public officials in Illinois that we have seen from Eric Holder and the “Obama” Justice Department in their dereliction of duty in refusing to defend the federal Defense of Marriage Act. The minions of the radical homosexual movement and their fellow travelers have invaded positions of power all across the nation.  They are entrenched in the highest levels of the federal government, and they are in our state governments, as we can see in Illinois.  The Illinois Family Institute names some of them,

“Two different lawsuits have been filed by several same-sex couples against David Orr (D), Cook County Clerk, in which they are challenging provisions of the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act.  David Orr has indicated that he supports same-sex marriage and will not contest the lawsuits.  In addition, Anita Alvarez (D), Cook County State’s Attorney, and Lisa Madigan (D), Illinois State’s Attorney, have both announced that they will not defend the Illinois marriage laws, and that they will take legal action to support the two lawsuits in favor of overturning the current ban on same-sex marriages.  Governor Patrick Quinn (D) has also expressed his support for same-sex marriages.  This leaves us with no one in an official legal role to defend our current marriage laws.  If this case proceeds unchecked, it will allow same-sex couples throughout the state to go to Cook County to receive marriage licenses, and provide the groundwork for the state marriage laws to be overturned throughout Illinois.”

This is insanity.  Here we have public officials who were elected or appointed to uphold the laws of the State of Illinois behaving lawlessly, just like Obama and his buddies in the administration.  Not only are they disregarding their sworn duties, but they are colluding with homosexual radicals to overturn a duly-passed law of the Illinois General Assembly.

Thanks to the Lord, the Illinois Family Institute has the support of the Alliance Defense Fund and the Thomas More Society.  Through the Alliance Defense Fund, they will be filing a motion to intervene in this case to defend the Illinois marriage law against this wicked assault.

The Thomas More Society has offered help by contacting all 101 of the state’s other attorneys asking that they consider letting Thomas More attorneys assist in defending against these cases.

Meanwhile, we have the other side.  The fundraising e-mail from the Equality Illinois group was written by Chief Executive Officer, Bernard Cherkasov, who, in typical homo-fascist fashion, relies on insults to present his morally bankrupt message,

“The misnamed Illinois Family Institute is pushing further than ever in its desperate effort to derail marriage equality by publicly pressuring the State’s Attorneys and County Clerks throughout the state to intervene on behalf of the ban on marriages for same-sex couples. Cook County State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez and County Clerk David Orr have stated that they will not defend the ban because they believe it’s unconstitutional.

We need your help to combat their efforts. *The Illinois Family Institute, a recognized hate group*, today sent out an action alert asking their network of supporters and volunteers to contact their State’s Attorneys and County Clerks in Illinois’ 101 other counties to pressure them to intervene in the fight against marriage equality.”

Of course, this guy is going to wield the ignorant “hate” bat—these people are so unoriginal!  To their warped minds, the truth we tell about their bad behavior is not truth but “hate.”  It gets old, but at least we know what to expect in all their venomous attacks—predictable viciousness.  All the while, they are oblivious to the fact that they are actually the hateful ones.

And, here again—as always with the deceptive Left—we see them perverting the meaning of words to shape their empty arguments.  First, it was their hijacking of the word “gay,” then the word “pride,” and now they use the word “equality” in their deranged, hellish campaign to destroy the meaning of marriage.  Equality is a good thing, right?  What can be wrong with marriage “equality”?

What is wrong is that not all things are equal, not even close.  In our world, where deception is the norm rather than the exception, many people are easily fooled by these kinds of lies—especially people who are nowadays mis-educated by the government-run public schools, or rather, the godless, socialist indoctrination centers.

There is only one earthly marriage which was instituted by God from the beginning, and there is nothing else that is “equal” to it, and there never will be.  The physical union of two same-sex people is an abominable thing that has no relation to marriage in any possible way.  It is unnatural, immoral, unhealthy and grotesque.  No amount of lies and vicious insults by militant homosexual radicals will ever change the truth.

The war we are in for marriage and morality—a war not of our making or choosing—is raging all across our nation.  We now have this man Barack Obama (or whatever his name is) leading a full-frontal assault on the institution of marriage.  He has loaded his administration with radical homosexual activists; he has spit on the federal Defense of Marriage Act; he has declared his insane belief that people of the same sex should be allowed to “marry;” he has led the charge to homosexualize our military, and now under his Pentagon, we see perverse, false “pride” being shoved in the faces of our troops and the face our entire nation, from the highest level of government.

We also see mega-corporations bowing at the altar of sodomy.  Just this week, Kraft Foods decided to post on its Facebook page a Photoshopped image of an Oreo cookie with rainbow colored frosting filling.  The caption with the image said, “Proudly support love!”  This is the degenerate thinking of the Left.  Proudly support love?  Sodomy is not love, and it is certainly nothing of which to be proud!  This move by Kraft has sparked outrage by conservatives and Christians who are calling for boycotts against Kraft.  Now that is a tough boycott.  Kraft Foods is gigantic, and its brands are myriad.  It would be good if Kraft saw a nosedive in sales of Oreo cookies, though.

This war on marriage by the militant homosexual movement is only going to get more aggressive and vicious.  Now is not the time to bury our heads in the sand and think it will all work itself out.  Christians have stayed silent for too long and have allowed this vile movement to make stunning, corrosive “progress” in our society.  Now, it is a formidable force, but we must not cower in fear of the radical homosexual bullies.  They are liars every one, and their lies must be countered with the fearless truth.

Pray for the State of Illinois and for those who are fighting for the side of truth.  Pray for the Illinois Family Institute, the Alliance Defense Fund and the Thomas More Society, and as always, consider sending financial support to these groups.

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  • thisoldspouse

    It is a shrewd strategy, isn’t it? Attack a state with a legal system sympathetic to the radical Left, and then have the AG and his local henchmen just give up defending the law. It’s like having your own men on both teams.

  • JohnAngel915

    The Bolshevik wrecking ball rolls on with their “fundemental transformation of the United States of America”. Perhaps the Republic can be rescued/restored, but as in recent yrs (more than I can believe!) “We the people” have lost control of the nation to an out of control Gov’t. Amen to your “God help us”, Gina.

    • WXRGina

      Today is a sickening day, John. I can’t believe the turncoat #$%^#$^@& John Roberts!

  • retiredday

    We are no longer the “nation of laws, not of men” that John Adams described. We have become a nation of men, meaning their is no authoritative standard. Government leaders simply ignore laws they find inconvenient and whoever can muster the most influence or raise the most money can force their will on the rest of us. That’s what happens when so many voters drink the Kool-Aid of political correctness. But it ain’t over ’til it’s over. Like Gina says, Christians still have the opportunity to somehow get involved; to get off their seats and actually do something about it. Real faith is active. All Christians should know that. Real faith doesn’t sit quietly alone, allowing unrighteousness run rampant, unchecked. I also say “Amen” to “God help us.” And I thank God for the steadfast few that have stayed in this fight.

    • WXRGina

      This is such a dark day, Mike. A long, dark road is ahead if November is hijacked by the Left.