Exposing Another RINO

Joe_ScarboroughThis was nice to see RINO Joe Scarborough taken to task for the discredit and dishonor he has brought on the Republican Party and Republican values with the liberal bilge he continually embraces.

It’s bad enough to have to listen to the lies, the distortions, the attacks on all what is good and praise of what is wrong from Democrats. It is truly pathetic to hear it from someone who claims to be a Republican–someone who ostensibly should know better, someone who has claimed allegiance to an organization that stands for all the liberal party opposes, and opposes all that the liberal party stands for.

These RINO curs bring disrespect on Republican values with their sellouts. After all, why should the public believe in a party that (at least as far as some of its leading voices is concerned) doesn’t even believe in it’s own documented values? Why should the public put their faith in a party that continually trashes its own documented principles and abandons them at the drop of a hat?

Ted Cruz 2016


It’s no wonder that except for the Tea Party-fueled gains of 2012, the GOP has been in the doghouse with the public since 2006.

If you’re a Republican who actually believes in the principles of the Republican Party, you need to rip, denounce and condemn these frauds at every opportunity.

If you don’t, then your silence will be taken as acquiescence if not agreement with their misrepresentation of YOUR values.

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