EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood Wastes Million$ on Lavish Travel, Parties

partyThings aren’t going too well for Planned Parenthood these days. Stung by recent undercover videos that expose the abortion giant with no respect for human life as an abortion giant with no respect for human life, Planned Death-hood is fighting to retain federal funding for its abortion mills. (Aka: “women’s healthcare clinics” according to the Planned Parenthood lexicon of Newspeak.)

Appearing before the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday, Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards tried the usual sleight of hand the pro-abortion crowd and its Democrat lackeys always try when caught with their hands in the funding jar: obfuscate, accuse, and obfuscate.

Congressman Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) wasn’t biting. In fact, he offered some accusations of his own regarding millions of federal funds the country’s largest abortion provider has wasted.

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That’s right. It seems that providing “healthcare” for the poor and the downtrodden isn’t all Planned Parenthood does with your moola. According to a recently released report from the House Oversight Committee, PP has spent millions on “lavish” travel, parties, and whining (that’s not a typo) and dining celebrity guests.

Released Tuesday, the report alleges that Planned Parenthood misspent more than $40 million in federal dollars on “lavish” travel, theme parties and a costly Manhattan office. Reports The Hill:

Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah) on Tuesday accused the organization of racking up “exorbitant travel expenses,” including first-class flights, charter travel and entertainment costs that included $622,706 on “blowout parties” with celebrity guests.

Some of the themed parties had names such as “Gathering of Goddesses and Gods,” “Chocolate Champagne” and “Murder Mystery,” according to a report released by the committee during the hearing Tuesday.

The findings were the results of a months-long investigation into Planned Parenthood’s spending, in which the committee analyzed several years of tax returns. …

The Oversight report details Planned Parenthood’s total of $5,109,997 on travel in 2013, which averaged approximately $14,000 a day.

Apparently someone had to attend all those “murder mysteries.” Considering the source, that’s rather an incongruous notion, is it not?

Chaffetz also questioned the salary of Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards, saying, “That’s money that’s not going to women’s healthcare.”

We can only wonder where else our tax dollars aren’t going.

The committee’s report also indicated Planned Parenthood’s doing just ducky in the real estate world. It’s RE holdings include $34.8 million for its corporate office space near Madison Square Garden in New York City in 2011. In 2015, it sold a 72,000 square-foot condominium to Brookfield Property Partners for $69.6 million.

Sure as night follows day, Democrats on the committee went moon bat. Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) trotted out “Discrimination!” You’d think these people would at least come up with something original for a change.  But no. Responding to Chaffetz’s questioning of Richards, Maloney Baloney blustered:

“I find it totally inappropriate and discriminatory. I’ve never seen a witness beaten up and questioned about their salary.”

Whether or not Maloney finds it “inappropriate and discriminatory” to force people to pay for procedures or policies they find morally repugnant with their tax dollars remains unclear. And by the way, darlin’, maybe you should see a little more of that salary “questioning” if taxpayers are footing the cost?

Richards appeared before the House panel for the first time on Tuesday. She also tried pushing back against GOP attempts to defund PP. Richards claims recent allegations against the country’s leading abortion provider are “based on doctored videos” which she called “outrageous” “offensive” and “categorically untrue.”

In other words: “Dang. They’re on to us”?

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  • DCM7

    PP has shown its true colors clearly, and people need to be paying attention. Any depth they might sink to should come as no surprise to anyone without wool over their eyes.