Election Fraud: Democrats Stole the Election

stealThe electoral fraud evidence is accumulating to the point where I must conclude that the November election was stolen by the Democrats.

In the months leading up to the election, report after report surfaced highlighting significant erosion of support for President Obama. Personal observation uncovered that no one, other than die-hard Democrats, who voted for Obama in 2008 was proud of that vote and most questioned whether they would vote for him again. On election night as results trickled in, with strange voting anomalies surfacing, the margin of victory, particularly in the swing states, did not pass the “smell test.”

Electoral fraud can occur at any stage in the process, but there are three main types: 1) debasing voter rolls with deceased, illegal, and fictitious voter registrations; 2) preventing eligible voters from voting by disenfranchisement, rendering unable to actually vote or duplicative votes, or instituting rules or tests that voters (particularly military absentee voters) are unable to comply; and 3) altering the results by interfering with the voting process or the counting of votes, or manipulating the means of voting through tampering with machines or altering results. There are numerous examples of each of these fraudulent activities taking place before, during, or after the November election.

Nationwide it is estimated that there are 24 million ineligible voter registrations, including 1.8 million dead people listed as voters. The National Voter Registration Act includes provisions to ensure accurate and current voter registration rolls, but has never been enforced, despite known problems in many states. Dead people remain on the rolls, duplicates are not checked, and many registrations are suspect. There have been 400 cases of voter registration fraud prosecuted (ACORN under its many aliases) and 491 cases of absentee ballot abuse. The Columbus Dispatch estimated that more than 20% of registered Ohio voters aren’t eligible: in two counties there were 109 registered for every 100 eligible voters; and in 31 counties over 90% of eligible voters registered which is 20% higher than national average. Unless voter rolls are rigorously scrubbed each year, natural attrition will gradually erode the accuracy and dependability of the voter rolls.

Obama lost in each and every state where voter ID laws were in place. A poll watcher in Pennsylvania reported that up to 10% of ballots cast reverted to a default of Obama. Voters in Nevada, North Carolina, Texas, Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Wisconsin had touch screen voting machines that recorded Obama, even after Romney was selected. Republican poll watchers in multiple states were either turned away or not allowed to enter the precincts or thrown out once they had done so. People were openly bragging that they voted twice or more. In North Carolina, workers at a group home coaxed residents into voting for Obama. In Flushing, NY a Korean-American translator directed voters to vote for Democrat candidates. In St. Louis, voters found that someone had already voted with an absentee ballot in their name, forcing the use of provisional ballots. In Ohio, Democrats bussed Somali non-US citizen voters, who could not speak English from state to state, to vote for Obama. In Maine, a busload of black people was transported from rural town to rural town to vote. Only 20% of the overseas military turned in absentee ballots in 2008 and less than half were ever received and counted, and predictions are that it will even be worse in 2012. Requiring voter identification does not suppress the vote, but it does suppress the illegal votes. It is clear that there were multiple cases where people’s votes were not accurately recorded and ineligible people were able to poison the results with ineligible votes.

There are far too many examples of precincts that delivered fraudulent votes in key cities to pack the totals that may have impacted who got the electoral votes in many swing states. This tactic was so pervasive it earned its own name of “spigot cities.” In 59 Philadelphia, PA precincts, Obama recorded 100% of the votes. In Cleveland, OH districts, Obama recorded 100% of the votes. In 100 precincts in Ohio, Obama recorded 99% of the votes. In Broward County, FL precincts, Obama received over 99% of the votes. In one precinct, a rout over 99% is a possibility but hundreds of precincts recording over 99% exceed any possibility of credibility. In St. Lucie County, FL, 141% of eligible voters turned out to vote! (Statistically impossible) In Ohio, Obama won a county by 108% of registered voters. In two counties in Colorado, voting turnout exceeded the voter-age population. It is believed that this systemic voter fraud is protected by the Voting Section of the Justice Department, and that no meaningful investigations will ever take place to understand these voting “anomalies.”

The sheer volume of fraudulent activities, centered on the swing states, suggests a concerted effort to influence the results of the November election. The final totals of absentee ballots cast and actually counted have not yet been released, but new record low turnouts are predicted. Even if the number of fraudulent votes counted did not swing individual election results, the piloting of these criminal techniques portends bigger problems in future elections where these proven techniques can be rolled out beyond deep blue precincts. Massive and systemic electoral fraud seems to be the newest and slickest way for Democrats to steal elections.

Eighty eight percent of Americans who voted in November support establishing national standards for voting, including the hours polls are open, who is eligible to vote, and the design of ballots. The fact that there are very few examples of voter fraud prosecuted each year is more a reflection of the partisan nature of this administration than an indication of its scarcity. The American people are disgusted by the hint of electoral fraud and want it completely removed. The DOJ has fought against state initiated voter identification laws, despite proof that when voter id was enforced in Georgia higher voter turnout was achieved and no instances of voters being denied.

Now is the time to invest in an internet enabled voting system based on a unique voter id that can be designed to be as secure as our banking system. The military would be an ideal pilot since the current approach is steadily eroding their ability to participate in this most important right and responsibility of citizenship.

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