Election 2016: A Jest of Hillary or Simply a Media Jest

Hillary_Clinton_brokeHere comes the campaigns! What will we see? What will we hear? Who will be best? Who will be dissed? Is Hillary Clinton again in our midst or is that just someone’s idea of a jest?

Personally, I hate the campaign season and all the lies one is forced to endure as it goes on and on and on and on. Oh, excuse me. I’ve forgotten my politically correct Orwellian manners. “I hate all the mis-speaks and mis-spokens by the people who seem to have trouble articulating the truth.”

Hillary? I wonder if she has been ducking anymore sniper fire as she scurries about trying to flee the email scandal?

Will Obama’s followers be throwing some money in the pot to destroy Hillary’s chances, while he’s claiming to be her champion?

Might the liberals sell Hillary out and throw Elizabeth in?

What about a Debbie Wasserman-Schultz nomination? (I jest.)

Michelle Obama? Of course, lunch would never be the same again.

How about Joe Biden as the candidate of choice? Can’t say that wouldn’t be entertaining and quite “touching”. There might even be a whisper or two.

Maybe Anthony Weiner? Now there is politician, who believes in true transparency and sharing “all”.

Once the Democrats decide on their Hillary or non-Hillary movement, the mainstream media will be set for their own campaign election — top ratings. How will that be accomplished? By truth or by Soap Opera? By deceit and propaganda or actual news coverage?

It’s beginning.

We’ll know soon, whether “Election 2016″ is a jest of Hillary or simply a media jest getting ready to call itself coverage, while trying to entertain and sway the masses. Yes, we’ll know, but I’m not sure it is, or was, soon enough!

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