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EB-5 Program a Ted Kennedy Brainchild

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Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy (Photo credit: Sage Ross)

Barack Obama and Ted Kennedy (Photo credit: Sage Ross)

The EB-5 “cash-for-visas” program has generated a lot of controversy and discussion in South Dakota over the past couple of years.

The past couple of years have brought revelations of half a million dollars in taxpayer money diverted to private interests, the odd “suicide” death of program administrator Richard Benda, $120 million in missing money that belongs the taxpayers, and defense of the EB-5 program from former Governor and current U.S. Senate candidate Mike Rounds who has yet to testify on record about anything.

The whole thing has produced a “slaughterhouse stench” over South Dakota government and politics over the past couple of years. While the EB-5 program is a federal program, states can become involved in it. However, since its inception 24 years ago, only Vermont and South Dakota, and now recently Michigan, have involved their state government with it.

It’s interesting how “crony capitalism” has come to encompass both major political parties in the United States in recent years. It used to be that only Democrats were involved in crony capitalism; after all, Republicans used to understand the wisdom of and need for limited government and lack of government meddling in the free market, with Democrats’ only interest in capitalism being that “capitalism” from which they could enrich their campaign coffers.

After all, how many ideas pushed by the late ultra-Left Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy do Republicans normally embrace?  Outside of a few brazen RINOs like John McCain, not many.

Yet the EB-5 program is the brainchild of Ted Kennedy…and here you have “Republicans” in South Dakota all over it like wet on rain.

Mike_Rounds_EB-5As a friend recently brought to my attention, the EB-5 program is part of Ted Kennedy’s Immigration Act of 1990, a bill largely liberalizing immigration law by increasing immigration quotas, allowing homosexuals-even homosexuals with AIDS-and other dubious demographics to immigrate to the United States.  South Dakota Senators Daschle and Pressler also voted for the bill, as well as Senator Tim Johnson who was in the House at the time-the same Tim Johnson who is now calling for a review of the program.

One has to wonder why South Dakota “Republicans” would get themselves so involved in legislation that was crafted by one of the most amoral Leftists in congress, and which involved visas and business agreements with people from a hostile foreign government like communist China.

Has the siren song of money simply become too much for the power brokers of the South Dakota “Republican” Party to resist?  Has financial “pragmatism” become more important to them than the principles they were elected to defend?

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