Doing the Devil’s Work: ACLU Bullies MS School over Prayer and Christianity

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It may be that the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) was once a useful organization, but it has long since decayed into a festering, anti-Christian, pro-illegal alien, pro-perversion monstrosity.  If there is a prayer being prayed in a public institution or a Christian cross displayed on public land, you can bet the ACLU will be there to jump up and down and threaten to sue based on the fraudulent claim that a “separation of church and state” exists in the United States Constitution.  There is no such clause in the Constitution, but that does not stop the ACLU from continuing to do the Devil’s work in its rabid mission to eradicate any hint of Christianity from the public square, as if the American people do not own the public square!

Last Wednesday, the ACLU decided to go after a small, pre-kindergarten through 12th grade public school in Brookhaven, Mississippi, which is south-southwest of Jackson.  The school’s sin?  Daring to “officially” pray to the Lord.  This war on Christianity was really getting old many years ago, and it has reached the point of absurdity today.

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The Mississippi chapter of the ACLU’s Legal Director, Ms. Bear Atwood, sent a threatening letter to the Lincoln County Schools Superintendent Terry Brister.  The letter included a burdensome demand for an extensive list of copies of school documents, records and policies related to Christian activity at the school.

The letter begins:

Dear Superintendent Brister:

We write to express our deep concern regarding West Lincoln Attendance Center’s pervasive policy and practice of incorporating prayer and other religious messages into myriad school events and activities. This official practice violates the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, which prohibits the government from promoting religious beliefs or exercise.

That is a damnable lie.  Let’s revisit the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and the so-called Establishment Clause:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof…

What does that mean?  It plainly and simply means that Congress must not establish an official state religion.  It also means that Congress may not prohibit the free exercise of religion.

So, how does the ACLU imagine that prayer in a public school violates the First Amendment?  How is Congress involved here?  This is not an example of congressional legislation.  This is, in fact, an example of people freely exercising their religion.  The ACLU is attempting to thwart the free exercise of religion of the people of the West Lincoln Attendance Center.

This is not about the ACLU’s “noble” desire to defend the Constitution and uphold the First Amendment.  This is about the ACLU’s quest to obliterate any mention of the God of all creation from our nation’s public institutions.  This hellish mission of the ACLU bears no resemblance to the intentions of our Founding Fathers who crafted the First Amendment to reiterate our God-given rights to freely worship, to speak, to assemble and to petition our government for a redress of grievances.

In the letter, the ACLU cites anti-Christian court decisions that have perverted the meaning of the First Amendment and have eroded our fundamental freedoms in public schools and elsewhere.  Bad case law has done plenty to undermine our God-given freedoms, and the ACLU is working to ensure those freedoms are completely stripped from American citizens in the public square.

The ACLU is so very concerned about students and faculty being “subjected” to Christian messages, yet the ACLU is all-aboard the homosexual train that is steamrolling over parents’ rights to keep their children free from homosexual indoctrination in those same public schools.  Just do an Internet search for “ACLU defends gay public school,” and you will see what I mean.

It remains to be seen how the Lincoln County School district will respond to the ACLU.  As of this writing early Monday, there is no word on an official response.  However, the day after the ACLU letter was received, students of West Lincoln did the very best thing they could do: they gathered at the school, joined hands and prayed.

Residents of the area are standing up in support of the school faculty and students’ right to pray and speak the message of the Bible at the school and school functions.  As Jackson’s Clarion-Ledger reported,

ACLU Legal Director Bear Atwood even specifically called out West Lincoln Principal Jason Case for his participation in some of the school prayer situations.

“At many of these events, Principal Jason Case leads the prayer himself and, in his capacity as the coach for the cross-country team, he regularly leads students in pre-practice prayer,” Atwood wrote.

But Lincoln Countians are rallying behind the popular administrator.

“Everyone is entitled to their beliefs and for the majority of that community it is to pray to God, but it is a good community of good people who do respect each other regardless of creed color or religion,” said Hope Cothern.

Lincoln County residents have rallied on Facebook, voicing their opposition to the ACLU’s letter.

“God is bigger and He is showing and proving Himself in the lives of this county pulling together and fighting this,” said Lincoln County resident Lori Laird.

Smythe Haley, also of Lincoln County, said, “I will stand up for my beliefs and pray for anyone involved. It’s time for Christians to start taking a stand. The first textbook in the school was a Bible. One person or group should NOT decide if I can or cannot pray in school. People have sat back long enough worrying about offending other people. It’s time to put God first and stand for him.”

Some students wore Christian shirts to school today and took Bibles to show support for Case and for their beliefs, county residents said.

Increasingly, Christians are unwilling to stand quietly by as the forces of evil on earth devour our God-given freedoms.  If any good thing has come from the detestable presidency of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is), it is the shattering of slumber in a sleeping nation.  Americans are wide awake like never before.  Under Obama, Christians have seen an astonishing assault on our freedom of religion and conscience, especially through the taxpayer-funded abortion mandate arising from the terrible Obamacare legislation.

Christians are fed up with Hell’s termites chewing away at our liberty and the Christian foundation of our nation, and we are more ready than ever to fight back against anti-American, God-hating groups like the ACLU, whose goals include the destruction of the Christian message and the spread of the agenda of godless perversion.

Ironically, the Mississippi chapter of the ACLU’s motto is, “Cultivating Freedom on Southern Soil.”  Obviously, it does not mean freedom for Christians.  It means freedom from the message of salvation, truth and morality found in God’s Word, which is no freedom at all, but these people do not understand that.  These people despise God and those who love Him, and they will not stop their war against God and His people.

Please pray for the students and faculty of West Lincoln Attendance Center.  Pray that the ACLU will not succeed in its evil attack on the freedoms that we do not give up simply because we cross the threshold of a “public” building.

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  • JohnAngel915

    Gee I wonder why it is the ACLU never demands that Moslems blocking traffic in NYC “Go inside, & worship in private!”. Or, when little Susie Johnson wears her Tee-shirt that says “Satan Rocks”, she’s never singled out as “imposing her religious views on others”? You’re right Gina, the ACLU ‘was’ long long a useful and relevent organization. Now, instead of insuring Christians of their Constituional rights, they are persecuting us.

    • WXRGina

      Yeah, and I wonder how the American Commie Lawyers Union treats public schools in Dearborn, Michigan and the other Muslim stronghold areas in the US. I wonder if those schools are completely “religion free” zones…

  • retiredday

    There are some good legal organizations who have successfully argued cases against the ACLU. I’m hoping the West Lincoln Attendance Center is aware of the resources out there. Christians shouldn’t simply stop exercising their freedom of religion because someone like the ACLU intimidates them. I applaud the attitude and actions of the principle and residents who are supporting the Christian students and faculty. And they do indeed deserve our prayerful support.

    • thisoldspouse

      Many times, the mere threat of an ACLU lawsuit means many thousands of dollars in legal expenses, many hundreds of hours in preparation and research, and the crushing weight of persecution of a profligate government which is scarcely accountable to no one. This is often the case even when a conservative legal advocate is on your side. Such a formidable threat is enough to make those whose mission to education is already time consuming enough to back down.

      One of the only remedies I see for this country is a complete revamping of our system of justice. The installation of leftist tyrannical judges must be undone by replacement with real jurists who can see through this thinly veiled blatant attack on religious liberty and contemptuously dismiss them as the nonsense that they are.

      • retiredday

        Excellent point, especially when you consider that the constitutional term for judges is supposed to be based on “good behavior”, not life-time appointments. The fact that a single, activist judge can overrule the will of the people is indeed tyrannical.