Does Your State Require Voter ID?

As the nation heads to the polls today, many of us will need to make sure we take our ID with us.

Voter identification helps keep down election fraud. Who among us doesn’t have an ID for the many things we need identification for (writing a check, using a credit card, flying on a plane, etc.)?  Voter ID helps ensure dead people aren’t voting, others aren’t voting twice, people aren’t voting for an invalid who probably wouldn’t make it to the polls anyway, etc.

If you’re not sure what the ID requirements are in your state, you can check this map from here.

Ted Cruz 2016


Now go out and exercise one of the blessings of liberty we enjoy in America: your right to vote.

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  • thisoldspouse

    Voted at 7:00 a.m. I offered my I.D., but was told that it wasn’t required yet in Texas, thanks to the ridiculous ruling by a liberal judge without rational judgement.

    Hopefully, these attacks on election integrity can be buried for good by the next election once they make their way through the courts.

    By the way, a New Black Panther thug was stationed at the EXACT SAME POLLING PLACE in Philadelphia as in 2008. I’m sure the Filthydelphia authorities will get right on that. /sarc