Do We Owe the Truth to Everyone?


We can learn a great deal from the two Hebrew midwives identified in chapter 1 of Exodus. They show us how to stand up to a tyrant and they show us just how to speak to a tyrant.

How did they disobey the Pharaoh? They did so because they feared the real One True God, not the false idol of human civil government. They feared God, not Pharaoh.

Because the Hebrew midwifes feared God they did two things

  1. They did not commit the wicked sin of infanticide; they kept the baby boys alive. And we see in these verses.
  2. They misrepresented their actions before Pharaoh when called to give an account by him.

Pharaoh demanded that they murder babies. They refused to do so.

  • The godly don’t fear the tyrant, they fear God
  • The godly willingly disobey the tyrant.
  • They communicated “We don’t owe you anything, not obedience and not even the truth.

Now let’s think about what they did. Pharaoh’s command was clear, and they clearly disobeyed him. They knew it was murder a violation of the Sixth Commandment to take innocent life. So they were faced with a choice obey God and disobey Pharaoh or obey Pharaoh and disobey God. So their actions are commended universally. They did the right thing.

But how about their communication with Pharaoh when called on the carpet for their actions? Many commentators criticize them for this. But we find that God blessed them for this, God rewarded them with families of their own.

What I believe we see here is the reality that when a so-called human civil government goes rouge, when instead of doing that which God designed it to do, instead of protecting and defending the right to life of those in its jurisdiction, it begins attacking life, it begins a campaign of murder in the streets, it is then that the saints owe nothing to that illegitimate government. They do not owe it obedience and they do not owe it the truth.

While Pharaoh probably never killed anywhere near 1 million babies, our government, Federal and State has murdered 60 million babies in our own land and multiple millions more in foreign lands - one estimate by a credible researcher states that 1 billion world wide have been slain by Washington, D.C.

So putting the question to ourselves, what do we owe to the criminal murderous regime of Washington, D.C.? Or what do we owe to the criminal murderous regime of Annapolis? By the way many want to celebrate the new Maryland governor - but he is not pro-life, I understand his budget has not eliminated the murder of babies at all. “The FY 2016 includes $9.4 million to further develop stem cell technology,” a procedure that involves murdering babies.

I believe we would be right to follow Shiphrah and Puah we do not owe them obedience and we do not owe them the truth.

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