Disgusted ‘Republican’ Disgusts Real Republicans

stinkAccording to an article at KELO, South Dakota RINO Rep. Anne Hajek from Dist. 14 Sioux Falls is “disgusted” with the legislation upholding Republican values that she’s seen this session.

Apparently she has a major problem with defending Christians and Christian business owners from the kind of attacks on religious freedom we’ve seen in other states, not only against people who try to tell the truth about homosexual behavior but against Christian business owners who simply want to run their business in a manner that honors their God.  If “discrimination” was really so near and dear to her heart, she would be as concerned as conservatives are that clergy and Christian business owners may face real discrimination (not mere disagreement with their views or refusal to participate in immoral activities, but actually be punished by law and government for their moral convictions).  But hey, when you’re liberal, discrimination against people who believe in moral values is okay.

She also doesn’t seem to be a fan of keeping government from meddling in the family and allowing parents to raise their children without statist interference.

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As the KELO article states, there are apparently a number of other bills she finds to icky and conservative to be bothered with.  Not only are Republican values and principles distasteful, as the video in this article shows, she thinks only “crazies” believe in traditional American values–which she apparently finds “scary.” Yes, freedom and traditional American values are indeed scary to Leftists; having produced the greatest nation in history, they utterly refute the utopian fantasies of liberals.

Like most RINOs, it would seem she finds all this “Republican values” legislation to be a distraction from the really important stuff: passing new taxes, making more government regulations, expanding the size and scope of government, and finding new ways for government to meddle in the free market. These seem to be the only priorities for the RINO leadership of our “Republican” supermajority legislature.

Frankly, a lot of Republicans (you know, the ones who actually believe in Republican values and principles and expect to see elected Republicans pursue them) are disgusted with the kind of feckless liberal governing and lawmaking being done by “Republicans” like Hajek.

What the Republican Party stands for is pretty clear. In addition to most Americans understanding the major points instinctively, it’s been documented in state and national party platforms for decades. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure out, and no real “interpretation” is needed. These values and principles pretty much speak for themselves.

All the major American values have been under relentless assault for years now, and in the past five years or so, that attack has been withering. Our societal structure and stability is crumbling under the “anything goes” hedonism and tax-and-spend philosophy of the Left. Part of the reason it has been crumbling is because in addition to the aggressive attacks from the Democrat Party, the “Republican” Party has been limp, ineffective, and downright unwilling to defend those values.

Liberal “Republicans” may not be concerned about these devastating attacks on the American way of life (especially when many “Republicans” have participated in the attacks), but good concerned citizens are–and they expect those whose party claims to cherish traditional American values actually do so.

Every time some wack job slaughters a bunch of people, do “Republicans” go on the offensive for law and order, and defend the right of the people to defend themselves…or do they cower trembling in the corner while liberals scream for gun control?

Every time the Left perpetrates an assault on marriage and the family, do “Republicans” go on the offensive to protect these institutions and denounce the extremism of the Democrat Party…or do they curl up in the corner and pee their pants?

Every time liberals make another incursion to intrude into the family (attacking privacy and the decision-making authority of parents), do “Republicans” defend the God-given responsibility of parents and the sanctity of family…or do they sell out and run in fear from the Left?

On the national stage, the American people are already onto the gutless liberal nature of the “Republican” leadership. It’s why the GOP lost control of congress in 2006 and lost the White House in 2008. Offering only watered-down liberal-pandering “leadership” also cost the GOP a shot at the White House in 2012. The only variance has been the 2010 Republican gain of the U.S. House–due entirely to Tea Party fervor, which has been repaid with contempt and derision by the establishment since then.

Right now, most South Dakotans (mistakenly) believe that because they are closer to home, you can trust someone who calls themselves a “Republican” to act like a Republican. People have for decades trusted the Republican brand to pursue conservative policies…but people are beginning to see that the brand is no longer true to its values anymore. We saw that in the 2012 primary when most of the RINO candidates were rejected. The gig will be completely up when most people finally understand how they are being sold out by those they trust to uphold our traditional values.

What are South Dakota “Republicans” doing instead of fighting for faith, family and freedom? Killing conservative bills, pushing taxpayer-funded health care for pregnant illegal aliens, and repealing the death penalty.

There’s a good place for the liberalism of Hajek and her fellow RINOs: it’s called the Democrat Party.  As our party platform shows, we Republicans still believe in conservative values, and we expect anyone running under our party’s banner of “Republican” to uphold those values, pursue those values, and defend them from the Left. If you’re in the Republican Party and you’re not willing to do that, you’re in the wrong place.

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