Devoted Democrats Duped by the Cult of Personality



“Please join us tonight as we show our love and appreciation for President Obama #ILoveObama! ” - a devoted Obama supporter on Twitter, 2/15/15

I exploit you; still you love me
I tell you one and one makes three
I’m the cult of personality

I will never understand the Obama Fan Club. It must certainly be true that if liberals are from Venus, we conservatives are from Mars. I can’t see the two sides coming together any time soon. President Obama has become quite the lightning rod, vividly illustrating the depths of the divide, (and the current holes in our political system).

With his approval rating hovering around 50 percent, president Obama continues to reap a surprising and somewhat alarming level of popularity and support. I guess it’s a phenomenon similar to the conservative support given to George W. Bush….. Or maybe not?

Nevertheless, Obama seems to be filling some sort of need for a significant majority of the American population. Obama continues to represent ‘Team Underdog,’ as the devotion seems tied to a public perception of empathy, equality and liberation. Obama has become a symbol of mercy to the refugee, hope to the oppressed, empowerment to the weak and justice to the wronged.

Everybody loves the underdog - true or false, right or wrong, fact or fiction, for better or for worse - Obama continues to represent a resurgence of sorts for the nationally disenfranchised and disenchanted among us. The Republicans are perceived, somewhat justifiably, as Team Evil while the Dems continue to wave the banner of progress to be fully realized in the culmination and legislative reformation of a brighter tomorrow.

We, by nature, identify with what appeals to us and we apply our own projections to mentally mold our guy into something wholly adequate to fulfill our dreams. No amount of reason or sound persuasion can tarnish such a perfectly conceived image. Ultimately and tragically, as its leader goes, so goes the cult (and all its members right along with it!)

Neon lights, Nobel Prize
When a mirror speaks, the reflection lies
You won’t have to follow me
Only you can set you free

° Living Colour

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  • Thisoldspouse

    Since Satan is also an “underdog,” I don’t have a very good feeling about the next few years.

  • AC700

    Satan is the earthly underdog of choice for both self serving parties & those who blindly place their faith in them

  • Jacob Eagleshield

    There are a lot of Conservative personality cults too. Rush Limbaugh,Pat Robertson,Fox News, Kenneth Copeland,Ted Cruz,Ronald Regan,Adolf Hitler,the late Jerry Falwell, almost all televangelists, the list goes on.

    • Bob Ellis

      It’s rue that there are a few on the Right who follow some conservative figures rather blindly. However, these are in the extreme minority. Most conservatives think for themselves, and are correspondingly as difficult to herd as cats.

      Liberals, on the other hand, have an overwhelming tendency to emote, to related to things in an emotional fashion (just listen to the language of “feelings” and emotion-based “logic” from the typical liberal) rather than to respond based on facts and logic. This makes the Left vastly more susceptible to forming a cult of personality. This has been observed in the “messiah-like” complex and following of Barack Obama, going all the way back to the 2008 campaign.

      • Jacob Eagleshield

        as opposed to what?  Conservatives think for themselves? Surely you jest. They all walk in lockstep,and they don’t dare vary for fear of being called RINO.

        • Bob Ellis

          Conservatives tend to “walk in lockstep” with the facts, unlike liberals who tend to “walk in lockstep” with whatever flighty emotional response seems to be the easiest way to go and allows them to think of themselves as a “nice guy.”

          And that includes RINOs, because they are just liberals with an “R” after their name.

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            It has been thirty years since i seen a conservative with a thought,opinion,or idea that was not approved of by Limbaugh or someone else. Same tired old mantras,same humorless monotone. Ultra conservative tea baggers,like that nut job Cruz,have destroyed the GOP and insulted the legegy of Lincoln. They are the real RINOS The las real republican was Jack Kemp

            • Bob Ellis

              Maybe that’s because the facts haven’t changed in, oh, forever. The American way of freedom and limited government have ALWAYS work since they were adopted over 200 years ago, and the Marxist principles embraced by the Left have NEVER worked.

              And no, it has been liberal RINOS who mouth platitudes about supporting the documented values of the Republican Party while behaving like Democrats who have gutted the Republican Party.

              The Republican Party has always stood for freedom, limited government, and the free market, not regulation, big government and cronyism that liberals in both parties love.

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            Liberal=advancement Conservative=stagnation,even reversal.  If the American voter was not so stupid as to vote against themselves,GOP would never win another election. Republicans can’t win when the electorate is informed and engaged.

            • Bob Ellis

              You have those precisely backwards.

              Conservatives embrace the truly progressive and advanced concepts of freedom and limited government that the founders of this great nation first brought forth on earth over 200 years ago.

              Liberals embrace the same old elitist, your-betters-know-better-than-you-and-are-entitled-to-run-your-life, statist debauchery that has ruled most of this planet throughout its regressive history.

              It is precisely stupid, narcissistic people who make it possible for Democrats to be elected to anything more powerful than assistant dog catcher. Ignorance is absolutely essential to the life of liberalism.

          • Jacob Eagleshield

            Listen,Mr. Ellis. Even though I do not agree,I respect your point of view. It is obvious that you are a passionate in your stand,as i am in mine. I can see the heat rising in our interaction,and I do not want that. I have seen way to many of these sites where the conversation got really vicious. If anything i said was an insult to you personally,I regret that Perhaps we should discontinue this,while it is still relatively cordial. Normally I avoid discussions about politics or religion with people whose position I respect(you being one of them) for obvious reasons.We both want what is best for this country. One thing we have in common,I think. We just have different views on how to go about it. I spent my time in the military fighting for the right of Americans to say,and believe as they choose,even if I personally disagree with them. And, I would go again if called. ‘I may not agree with what you say,but I will fight to the death for your right to say it.’   I bid you good day

            • Bob Ellis

              No, Mr. Eagleshield, it’s clear you do NOT respect my point of view, since you came to my website and began bashing several patriotic Americans who are committed to preserving the American way of life, and continued to insult not only those who defend American values, but insulted those values themselves.

              And no, it is equally obvious that we do NOT just have “different views.” You hold views that are antithetical to the American way of freedom and limited government-indeed, antithetical to the U.S. Constitution and the ideals of the Declaration of Independence. Your views are not only not founded in fact, they are quite simply wrong and immoral.

              I thank you for your military service, but you should render an even greater service to your country by going back to the founding documents (the Declaration of Independence, the U.S. Constitution, the Federalist Papers, Joseph Story’s Commentaries on the Constitution of the United States, as well as other writings of the founders and founding era), learning precisely what American principles ARE and what they are NOT, then championing those principles against their many, many enemies in the American Left and throughout the world.

              Being a part of defending America militarily is good, but if we stand by while others are attacking the principles and values that make America “America,” or even encourage attacks on those principles and values, then all the value of that military service has been for naught.

              I hope you won’t let that continue to be the case.

              Good day.

              • Jacob Eagleshield

                You just could not accept a compliment could you?  Opinions are not facts,sir,opinions are like ********. Everybody has one.

              • Bob Ellis

                I could accept your compliment, but not your errors. Again, I encourage you to correct many of yours by educating yourself on the principles of Americanism, for your benefit as well as the benefit of your country. They are clear, and they are not mere “opinion.”

                And if you use profanity again, you will be blacklisted from commenting here.

              • Jacob Eagleshield

                there you go again,hiding behind the flag,and no doubt the bible. I could site many areas that would support myn points,if hat was all i read. When that is all you do,and you only take counsel from those you know wil agree with you,you learn nothing. Black list me? Oh how that hurts. Do you really think I care? Go to hell

              • Bob Ellis

                I have no need to hide behind either the Bible or the American flag. I respect both and like any good Christian and/or American patriot, I try to defend the principles represented by both.

                And based on what I’ve seen from you so far, there is virtually nothing you could cite to support your points, because virtually all your points are in error, and there is nothing legitimate which can support errors.

                It might surprise you, but I used to buy into several un-Christian and liberal ideas. However, when challenged on these things (by people who did not agree with me), I investigated for myself…and found I had been wrong. I then had a choice: pretend I hadn’t learned about the facts I had learned about and continue believing lies…or admit that I had been wrong and adjust my opinion to reality. I chose the latter.

                I suggest the same course of action for you. If you have the courage to do so, you’ll find that new path to be incredibly refreshing and invigorating.