Democrat Starts ‘ObamaCare Hurts Seniors’ Website

ObamaCare_Hurts_SeniorsA Democrat from Indiana launched the new website


Woodrow Wilcox is a former elected Democratic Party precinct committeeman and a former elected delegate to the state convention of Indiana Democrats. But, also, he has helped senior citizens with Medicare related medical bill disputes for over a decade. He has seen how the Obamacare law has harmed senior citizens and he wants everyone to know about it. Wilcox believes that his years of experience helping seniors with Medicare related medical bill problems makes it rather easy for him to explain how Obamacare is hurting seniors.

Wilcox has saved clients of the insurance agency where he works over one million dollars by correcting billing errors that were caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. In 2012, he published the book SOLVING MEDICARE PROBLEM$ ( to teach other people what he does to help senior citizens so that others could help many more senior citizens with medical bill problems.

“Habits are hard to break,” Wilcox explained. “For years, I have helped senior citizens to avoid financial harm from medical bill errors that are caused by mistakes in the Medicare system. Now, I’m doing what I can to protect senior citizens from the financial harm that Obamacare is causing.”

Wilcox said that since the passage of Obamacare, the rules of Medicare have been changing to the harm of millions of senior citizens. If the current Democratic Party leaders won’t change direction and change the Obamacare law to stop harming seniors, then Wilcox is one Democrat who wants to change the leaders of the Democratic Party.

“Some people may consider me a ‘turn-coat’ because I am against Obamacare. That is not so. I care about senior citizens more than I care about any political party, any political candidate, or any political agenda. If anyone is a ‘turn-coat’, it is the Democrats who support Obamacare. The Democratic Party had a good history of caring for senior citizens. Social Security helped seniors with income for old age and Medicare helped seniors with medical bills in old age. But, the Democrats who supported the Obamacare law made a complete about face on caring for seniors. THE OBAMACARE LAW TOOK OVER 700 BILLION DOLLARS IN MEDICARE BENEFITS AWAY FROM SENIOR CITIZENS AND SPENT THAT MONEY ON OTHER THINGS LIKE HIRING THOUSANDS MORE INTERNAL REVENUE SERVICE AGENTS. It was like the current leaders of the Democratic Party began pushing every senior citizen in a wheel chair off a financial cliff. It was like the current leaders of the Democratic Party mugged and robbed every current and future senior citizen in the nation. That is a kind of anti-senior citizen policy that I won’t support. If you care about senior citizens, then how can you support taking away almost a trillion dollars of medical bill help from them? That is what happened when Obamacare was passed and implemented,” Wilcox concluded.

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Woodrow Wilcox is the senior medical bill problem solver at Senior Care Insurance Services in Merrillville, Indiana. That is the largest senior citizen oriented insurance agency in the Midwest. For over six years, Woodrow Wilcox has helped senior citizens with medical bill problems with Medicare and VA clinics. He has saved senior citizens over $1 million in wrongful charges. For more health care articles by Wilcox, visit or © 2013 Woodrow Wilcox. Re-published here with the permission of the author.
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