Declaration of Independence the Foundation of American Law

USC Organic LawsHave you ever pointed a Leftist to one of America’s founding principles found in the Declaration of Independence–say, that we are endowed by our Creator with our rights, or that one of those rights is the right to LIFE–only to have the Leftist snootily dismiss you with the claim that the Declaration of Independence (yes, our founding document, that Declaration of Independence) is irrelevant, that it came before the U.S. Constitution, or similar blather?

In this brief clip below, historian David Barton points out an interesting truth I had not considered before.

You see, in addition to being our founding document (as petty and insignificant as that is, mind you), the Declaration of Independence is listed as one the United States’ organic documents in the United States Code.

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The United States Code (USC) is the compilation of our federal laws for our nation. Organic law is the system of law which forms the foundation of a government and its other laws.

If you look at the United States Code under the Organic Laws section, you will find the first document listed is the Declaration of Independence, 1776. (Interestingly, too, the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which points out that religion and morality are necessary to good government, is also listed among the organic laws of the United States).

So the next time a liberal tries to pooh-pooh the Declaration of Independence and its foundational principles, tell them they need to read the United States Code and beseech them to get a clue.

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