Gov. Daugaard Statement on Upcoming Executions

South Dakota State Penitentiary (Source: South Dakota Department of Corrections)

South Dakota State Penitentiary (Source: South Dakota Department of Corrections)


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  Thursday, Oct. 11, 2012

CONTACT:  Tony Venhuizen or Joe Kafka at 605-773-3212

*MEDIA ADVISORY: In response to increasing media requests for interviews with Gov. Dennis Daugaard on the coming executions, here is a statement from the Governor that will serve as his only response in advance of the executions:

“The death penalty is the law in South Dakota, and I support it.  The state has a solemn responsibility to carry out this penalty in the rare cases where it is applied.”

“The decision to impose the death penalty is made through the criminal justice system, and in the pending cases I have no reason to substitute a different judgment.  State law allows me to conduct my own investigation, and I have done that with cooperation from the Attorney General.”

“Barring an unforeseen circumstance, I will not intervene to prevent or delay the death penalty sentence from being carried out.”

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