I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society. One of the beautiful boasts of our minicipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is a part of the Common Law — Justice Joseph Story

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Art Imitates Modern Life: Movie Reflects Obama’s War on Christianity

Bob Ellis

It isn't often that you see a movie come out of Hollywood which shows a triumph of religious freedom over secularism, but "For Greater Glory" tells the true story of a war few of us knew about. When we understand that the story is about government forces that were determined to bring religion under its heel, it almost sounds like it was ripped from today's headlines over President Barack Obama's war on Christianity and religious conviction. Yet it is not about the modern-day attempts of Marxists to oppress Christians, but about a similar war waged nearly 100 years ago in Mexico.


Driving a Currency-And a Country-Into the Sea

Bob Ellis

Ever wondered how a country could be driven to ruin from the inside? Europe is hard on its way to showing us. In fact, the socialists within the United States are vehemently trying, as usual, to emulate Europe...and bring the US to ruin as well. Bill Whittle explains how this can happen, using aerodynamics as an analogy.


A Safety Too Crippling

Jim Bowman

Today is our Memorial Day. This day brings renewed commitment to preserving what those who sacrificed so much believed in. As such, this pause in our hectic lives should also afford a period to reflect and consider our post 9/11 journey. Whether it be a war of armies or of minds, we first need to recognize that threats come in all shapes and sizes. And as our Constitution so plainly identifies, threats need not be from foreign sources but also home-grown, as in the words, “both foreign and domestic.”


Securing Your Credit

David John Marotta

If you plan on applying for a new job or applying for a credit card, car or home loan, you may want to check your credit report first. A U.S. Public Interest Research Group report in 2004 found that one in four credit reports have serious errors that could significantly lower your chances of being approved. Your credit report will outline your full credit history. And it can help you verify you have not been the victim of identity theft.


What Do We Honor this Memorial Day?

Bob Ellis

What do we honor this Memorial Day? What do we seek to honor on Memorial Day? How do we honor what we seek to honor on Memorial Day? Do our actions on days other than Memorial Day dishonor what we claim to honor on Memorial Day? These are questions each of us needs to ask ourselves, if our great nation is to survive and the sacrifices of our forefathers are not to be in vain. Do we dishonor the commitment and sacrifice of those who came before us by taking the easy path, by compromising with evil, by accepting a lower standard, by hoping to do "good enough" instead of striving to preserve and pass on the very best? If our words on Memorial Day aren't merely cheap platitudes, we need to look long and hard at what we're doing--and make the necessary changes in ourselves.


The No Growth Zero Sum Pie

Dr. Robert R. Owens

Has America reached the stage where we all stand in a circle and take turns holding a constantly shrinking dollar? If our Dear Leader and the Daley led Outfit wins re-election next year, perhaps a few more people will see the hand writing on the wall. Though the Constitution is undeniably the greatest work to come from the hand of man, though it provided the safe haven of freedom for generations, it is today a dead letter.


Questions for Those Who Want a ‘Gay Marriage’

David Mann

Do you believe you’re not being allowed to marry the person you love? Do you believe your relationship is as valid as any traditional marriage? Then I’d like to ask you a few questions that you may not have been asked before.


All Miseries Proceed From Neglecting the Precepts of the Bible

William J. Federer

He left Yale for four years to fight in the Revolutionary War. After graduation, he became a lawyer and taught school in New York. Dissatisfied with the children's spelling books, he wrote the famous Blue-Backed Speller, which sold over one hundred million copies. After twenty-six years of work, he published the first American Dictionary of the English Language. His name was Noah Webster, and he died MAY 28, 1843.


American Clarion Week in Review, Ending May 26, 2012

Bob Ellis

These were the top articles at American Clarion over the past week, including: Gov. Daugaard Brings War Against Republican Base Into the Open; SD Right to Life Voter Guide; Former Transgender Warns of Skirting Marriage Laws by Same-Sex Couples; Pelosi Confirms Elitist Opinion of Self; Connecticut’s Sexual Revolution Tourism Theme; Public is Clueless About Obama--Thanks to the Media; Alert: Governor Endorsing Pro-Abortion Candidates!; The Heart Has Its Reasons; and more!


Needed: People Who Would Rather be Morally Right Than Socially Correct

William J. Federer

Twentieth-Century Fox made a motion picture in 1955 titled A Man Called Peter, about the life of U.S. Senate Chaplain Peter Marshall, born MAY 27, 1902. At the age of 25, Peter Marshall emigrated from Scotland, arriving at New York's Ellis Island in 1927. Members of his Sunday school class paid his way to seminary in Atlanta, where he graduated in 1931.At the age of 35, he became pastor of the New York Avenue Presbyterian Church in Washington, D.C. His services were attended by leaders, such as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. On January 4, 1947 the Senate appointed Peter Marshall to be their U.S. Senate Chaplain.

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Socialism never changes

   From Americans for Limited Government

Featured Articles

The corner of Greenwich and Barclay, facing East, near the destroyed World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.

Republicans Are Also the Enemy of the American People

Bob Ellis

You may not have heard about this yet, but the Republican Party completely and intentionally sold out the American people. In the latest Republican capitulation to Democrats, Senate Republicans not only caved on increasing the debt limit yet again, they took the extra measure of not calling the roll on the votes so they could hide their cowardly and despicable votes from the public.


Dining on Kentucky Fried Constitution

Guest Author

It may be National Marriage Week, but the federal bench has a funny way of celebrating it. In courtrooms from Kentucky to Nevada, democracy is taking a beating from activist judges anxious to put their stamp on the march toward same-sex "marriage." Bluegrass voters were the latest ones caught in the undertow, as a surge of amendment challenges sweep through Middle America. This time, it was a Republican appointee doing the honors.

Sergeant Michael Saladyga (left), a squad leader with Company C, 1st Battalion, 9th Marine Regiment, 2nd Marine Division, speaks to a role-playing Afghan-Army soldier during counterinsurgency training at Beasley Village aboard Fort Pickett, Va., Feb. 17, 2011. The COIN training teaches Marines to become more comfortable with afghan customs and courtesies.(Photo credit: Lance Cpl. Jeff Drew)

US Soldiers Now Forced to Fight Two-Front War in Afghanistan

Billy and Karen Vaughn

US soldiers in Afghanistan are now forced to fight a two-fronted war. Before each deployment, these soldiers understand fully that day after day they will do battle against relentless terrorists with shifting loyalties and unspeakable hatred. But what none of them could have foreseen was the killing field that would open from their rear...the continental United States.


Mind Games: The Helplessness of Living in this World

Carrie K. Hutchens

I'm tired of the mind games. I'm tired of listening to people swear the lie is the truth and the truth is the lie. I'm tired of people not using the brains given them to review the "actual" facts, rather than parroting (and whole-heartedly believing) the narrative handed to them by the propaganda squad of radical liberals.


He Said WHAT?

Paula Dagnel

You'd think, by this stage of the game, that nothing those on the left say, or do, could shock me any longer. I discovered, just a few days ago, however, that it's not so. I woke up one morning earlier this week, to read the headline "Americans Work too Much, Anyway." Sounds benign enough, right? And probably true. America is full of "work-a-holics." What almost sent me into apoplexy was the reference for that statement.


"We don't intend to turn the Republican Party over to the traitors in the battle just ended. We will have no more of those candidates who are pledged to the same goals as our opposition and who seek our support. Turning the party over to the so-called moderates wouldn't make any sense at all." - Ronald Reagan, Nov. 10, 1964