Counterfeit Marriage: What It’s Really About

painCitizenLink’s “Spotlight” videos are always good, but this one really stands out for its insight and candor.

Among the notable things Stuart Shepard points out here is that in order for the Leftist media to cover the story about how Kentucky clerk Kim Davis is standing firm for the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law, they had to drive through four Kentucky counties where clerks are ignoring the U.S. Constitution and the rule of law to give homosexual marriage pretenders what they want.  If it was really about marriage, they could get a license for their fake wedding in any of these surrounding counties.  In fact, reports indicate 117 of 1120 counties are ignoring the rule of law and allowing marriage to be counterfeited. But it isn’t about marriage.

Shepard then takes us on a brief rundown of the various steps homosexual activists have taken over the past 15-20 years to slowly turn up the heat on the frog in the pot.

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First it was about “domestic partnerships”…but it wasn’t really about domestic partnerships.

Then it was about “civil unions”…but it wasn’t really about civil unions.

Then homosexual activists convinced their useful idiot judicial activist friends to attempt to redefine marriage in some states…but it wasn’t about redefining marriage in some states.

Then homosexual activists convinced a majority of the U.S. Supreme Court to play the useful idiot and unconstitutionally attempt to redefine marriage for the whole country, in defiance of the U.S. Constitution and established law.  But it wasn’t about redefining marriage itself.

Now that homosexual activists believe they have the sanction of the U.S. government for their perversion and tyranny, their real intentions are finally coming all the way out of the closet. We are now seeing very clearly in unmistakable terms that it is about POWER, about forcing people who know better to render obeissance to their agenda and pretend that a perversion of human sexuality is not really a perversion.  It is about erasing from the public square any recognition that homosexual behavior is aberrant, unscientific, immoral and dangerous.

But it’s also about the PAIN.  I’ve known several homosexuals over the years, and while many put up a good front, every single one of them has harbored a deep, grinding inner pain.  Perhaps it is because they were molested as children (clinical research shows a link between homosexual behavior and child sexual abuse, Perhaps it’s the pain of growing up without a father in the home, or with a father but with serious dysfunction on the mother or father or both, perhaps involving the manner in which the mother and father interact.  These imbalances during the formative years of a child can leave them very confused about how men are supposed to act, how women are supposed to act, and how men and women are supposed to act together.  That confusion itself can be very painful, in addition to any other childhood traumas they may bear.

As Shepard insightfully points out, ultimately, the entire homosexual activist agenda is about trying to find someone to blame for the pain they’re feeling, or as I often put it, it’s about the vain search to legitimize the illegitimate (because they believe that if their behavior could be fully considered “legitimate,” that pain would go away).  But the pain won’t go away by slapping a false wrapping of “legitimacy” on the behavior, because an aberrant, immoral and dangerous sexual behavior can never be legitimate, no matter how hard anyone pretends, or how many people pretend.  And there is no one to legitimately blame for their pain, except themselves for having made wrong choices, and anyone who hurt or misled them in their childhood.

And that pain will never go away, so long as they continue to behave in a manner contrary to the way they were created to behave. No matter how hard they try to convince themselves that abnormal is “normal,” no matter how many people join in humoring them in the deception, things like science and nature and the very conscience built into every human being will continue to remind them that they are behaving contrary to how their Creator meant for them to be.  As long as they continue to behave in an immoral and unnatural fashion, there will be tension in their lives, and that tension will bring pain.

When society pretends that something dangerous and illegitimate is not dangerous or illegitimate, it joins in perpetrating deception and harm against homosexuals.  Just as if a person told a meth user that they were born that way, and that they should “be who they are” and celebrate their love of meth…so a person who tells a homosexual that homosexual behavior is the way they should act, and that they should celebrate that behavior is being a coward and doing harm to that person.

Better to tell them the truth, help them accept the truth, and help them reorient themselves to correct thoughts and behaviors. Their Creator can certainly help them do that, but they’ll probably need someone to help them find a relationship with their Creator in order to obtain that healing.  Then, the pain can end for them, and for society.

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