Counterfeit $20 Bills Should Be Accepted as Legal Tender

counterfeit_20According to the Rockford Register Star, counterfeit $20 bills are being passed around in Belle Fourche, South Dakota.

I’m not sure what all the fuss is about, since the U.S. Supreme Court and a judge in Michigan this week have decided to push counterfeit marriage on the American people as if the counterfeit was the real thing.

After all, I’m sure the person who knowingly passed those counterfeit $20 bills felt in their heart, perhaps passionately so, that their $20 bills were just as good as the ones issued by the mint.

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I mean, why should people be bigoted against these counterfeit $20 bills. They look very similar to the real ones. They will fit in the wallet like a real one. They will fit in the cash register slot just like a real one. It feels just as natural passing from one hand to another as a real $20 bill might. As long as no one gets to intolerant about the differences, everyone can be happy, can’t they? There’s no need for people to be counterphobic, is there? People who disparage counterfeit $20 bills just want to punish counterfeiters, discriminate against them and refuse to be loving.

Sure, some people will complain about the counterfeit money devaluing the genuine currency, but that’s not important, is it? So what if it isn’t the real thing?  Doesn’t it matter that the person passing the $20 feel good about it?

Isn’t it time to end bigotry and discrimination against counterfeiters, and demand equal protection for all?

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  • SDJammer

    That was a great analogy that hopefully helps put the issue into a little better perspective. Unfortunately if everybody in this county were to read it, about 1/3 of them would probably agree with that, another third would be “offended” and a third would say “huh”?

    • Bob Ellis

      Too true, SDJammer. That’s a huge part of what makes the fight of the conservative so daunting. Not only are we dealing with moral bankruptcy, but intellectual bankruptcy as well. Analytical thought seems to be a dying art in American culture.

      I think John Wayne once said, “Life is hard. It’s harder when you’re stupid.” Freedom and prosperity are harder when you’re stupid, too.

  • thisoldspouse

    You’re creating the typical inane straw men of the homosexual left yet again. This is not merely about “believing” what we want about the illegitimacy of same-sex “marriage,” and I think you know that but are being too deceitful to admit it. Unless our sacred Christian beliefs involve our fleshing these beliefs out freely in everyday life, they are being repudiated. And the homosexual left has been doing this in spades, under the disingenuous pretext of “anti-discrimination.”

    Saying that we can “believe” what we want as long as our beliefs don’t seep out of our heads into our behavior in public life is homo-fascism, plain and simple.

  • DCM7

    The only thing wrong with the satirical analogy is that a counterfeit $20 is much more like the real thing than a “same-sex marriage” is.

    • Bob Ellis


  • DCM7

    “Any Christians, for example, who believe that same-sex relationships/marriages are wrong must remain free to say so and to attempt to persuade others of that view. Fortunately, they are free to do that.”
    For how long? Do you really think “gay-rights” activists will want it kept that way?
    It is the side that is wrong that refuses to tolerate disagreement.

  • dr. theo

    Prescription medicines are expensive. I truly believe (and research affirms) that placebos in many instances are both as efficacious and much safer. This is particularly so with psychotropic drugs like Adderall, Ritalin, Prozac, etc., but could include heart meds and diabetes meds. I could do society (and myself) great good by counterfeiting these drugs with sugar pills and selling them as the real thing. I really believe this and cannot understand how anyone could object. How are my counterfeit drugs affecting those that prefer the pharmaceutical products? If someone doesn’t want my alternative, they are free to pay twice as much for the FDA approved product. I think I am on to another career.

    • Bob Ellis

      Counterfeit drugs, counterfeit cars, counterfeit clothes, counterfeit diamonds…why not. Let’s face it: counterfeit is IT.

  • dr. theo

    Homosexual activists are preparing their assault on traditional Christians following the recent SCOTUS rulings:

    Soon, every bastion of traditional Christian values will come under assault and any reticence will be met with a full-court assault, using the courts and the full power of the government. Prosecution for “hate speech” will soon follow: