Conservative Cruz a Threat to Those Less So

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX)

Robert Costa at National Review says Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz is becoming a frightening threat to some Republicans who were counting on a presidential run in 2016 (and we know he already has been a threat to the bull RINOs):

“There’s no question he’s setting the pace right now,” Laudner says. “He’s the hard act to follow. He’s speaking the language that the base uses when they’re chatting with each other at events or huddling at high-school football games. He channels the anger and frustration that conservatives have not only with President Obama, but also with the Republican establishment. His ability to seize that undercurrent and connect with those voters has elevated him. Now, in Iowa, he hasn’t crowded out Santorum or Rand Paul, who have their own bases of support, but he has muted the discussion, for example, about Scott Walker and Paul Ryan.”

What “language” does the conservative base of the Republican Party use when they’re chatting with each others? Things linke “principles” and “values” and “conviction” and “commitment” and “determination,” as well as expecting the Republicans who ask to carry the banner for the party to exhibit those characteristics and play to win, not play “me too” liberalism or play the surrender monkey who seeks to avoid defeat by surrendering first.

If the Republican establishment was smart, they’d foster, capitalize on, get behind, and fan the flames of someone who could excite and energize the base like Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz 2016


Sadly, at both a state level (at least here in South Dakota) and nationally, it seems that the establishment isn’t nearly that smart, however. Instead of fanning the flames, they appear to be intent on urinating on the fire.

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  • thisoldspouse

    I absolutely love and support my senator Cruz as the staunch conservative he is. Thank God we got him instead of the squishy, RINOish Dewhurst, and got rid of the even more RINOish Hutchison. Hopefully, Cornyn is next to fall. Texas is too good for these fake conservatives.

    But, I cringe at the recent talk of pushing for a Cruz candidacy for president. If we conservatives insist on the rule of law being followed - no less than the game rules for operating the federal government: the U.S. Constitution - we must insist on following this principle no matter what. Cruz was born in Canada, never mind that his parents were citizens. We must insist on being above board, even if the Demonicrats won’t.

    • Bob Ellis

      I hear you. Part of me is tempted to look at “Cruz for President” and respond, “What’s good enough for Obama…” but conservatives should always be concerned about exemplifying the standard of the rule of law.