Common Sense Conservatives for South Dakota

This is a mailer sent out by South Dakota Dist. 35 House Republican candidates Don Kopp and Chip Campbell.

These are two Republicans who aren’t afraid to boldly stand for the conservative values that have always formed the bedrock of the Republican Party: pro-business, pro-family, pro-Second Amendment, fiscal responsibility, pro-life, and pro-marriage. What’s more, they’ll not only say they’re for these things, they’ll act like they support these values, too.

I’ve known Don for well over a decade now and he’s always been a solid conservative, both before and since he became a legislator. I’ve known Chip for less time, but my every impression of him has also been that of a solid conservative. It would seem Don thinks so, too, if he’s willing to make a campaign flyer with him.

Ted Cruz 2016


These gentlemen are the kind of Republicans we need more of–far more of–in South Dakota government. We have too many of the kind of “Republicans” who talk out of both sides of their mouth–talking out of the Right side when they’re appealing to their Republican base, and talking out of the Left side when they’re trying to impress their liberal buddies with how “broad gauged” they are.

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